Knight of Swords – The Warrior – The hero, a righteous anger

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Knight of Swords – The Warrior – The hero, a righteous anger

Interpretation: The knight of swords represents a triumph over an opposition and the seeker will find a more practical solution to a problem. This a warrior, a soldier with the bravery to fight for what he believes in and stand strong in the face of danger. The knight represents action and the sword represent conflict, so this card may suggest that the seeker might be headed for some conflicting changes. But this is a fast moving card so the conflict will be short lived and you will come out of it like the warrior you are. Expect the situation to be active and possibly chaotic and now is not the time to follow your heart but rather your head. Be strong and decisive, approach all possibilities with a clear and firm mind-set so that you may your righteous anger to good use.

Reversed: The reversed knight of swords indicate an unsuccessful or erratic behaviour with some seriously bad judgment. The seeker may have made some very impulsive mistake and now lacks focus and concentrations. This card suggests that this is not a good time to initiate new relationships or new projects. Perhaps you have been very hurtful with your words and sarcasm may have landed you in a very conflicting situations. You need to take note of this and be more careful how you are handling things that are hard for and for other to deal with. A bad attitude is never appreciated.

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