Consistency and Doors

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Consistency and Doors


Should my versing rhymes

Consistent always be

Verse construct the same each time

Trochee start e.g ?


Will mixing round iambs, trochees

Cause readers go amuck

And throw hands up frustrated

Exclaiming “What the fuck!” ?


Don you've just gone disobeyed

What you've said before

The eff word you would never use

Get out, go, there's the door


You've given me a pattern, thanks

To help my rhyming shine

Your first two lines start trochees

Then iambs start last lines


I'm out the door....


Don Matthews September 2019


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Don Matthews

Thu 31st Oct 2019 22:18


It's the door to the Like-Minders Theme Park. You have the keys. Thalia says you're privileged...


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Nigel Astell

Thu 31st Oct 2019 16:32

Door must stay open
let Mr Whatever enter
it will never close
we won't let it!

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 31st Oct 2019 09:01

The Doors of Don's perception maybe. Or the doors of the wardrobe which leads us into the magical world of poetry.

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