Announcement to Parents by Chairman WOL Kiddie Kindergarten

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Announcement to Parents by Chairman WOL Kiddie Kindergarten


Chairman:........The recent launch of our Kiddie Kindergarten was a huge success

                       despite phone calls from a few worried parents


                       It seems their children were skipping around singing 'Jack and Jill

                       went up the hill, Jack got there and went up Jill'


                       I will question our teacher about this (it was the letter J day).


                       Anyhow, we are pleased to inform you that we have a special visit

                       by two prominent Australian educationalists coming up


Class................boing boing boing kiddies, they flew up by Qantas jumbo


Class:...............???? he a friend of Dumbo Miss? can see how excited our kiddies are...we all wait in anticipation


Class:................boing boing boing


Chairman:..........Should parents have missed our opening day it is available for replay

                         below. (grateful thanks to our WOL technical team)




                        Our Australian visitors should be arriving shortly. Watch this space

                        as they say....


                       Thankyou WOL parents



boing....boing ….boing....yay!


Don Matthews September 2019

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Don Matthews

Mon 7th Oct 2019 03:50

Boing boing...
No they are not riding kangaroos up Johnny
Qantas jumbo to Heathrow



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M.C. Newberry

Sun 6th Oct 2019 16:27

Knowing what kids are like....
Did Johnny spill?
No, but Johnny will !

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Don Matthews

Sun 6th Oct 2019 12:00

The letter J
For Jack and Jill
Jack went up Jill
Did Johnny shrill

Naughty Johnny.....

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