Why Rest in Peace after Death?

Why Rest in Peace after Death

Why don’t we have peace while living?

Why few demons bang doors to destroy the peace of mind

When we ignore them every time

Why they constantly put their every effort into breaking us down?


Why “Rest in Peace” is the only saying informality after death?

Why Peace is not prevailing while living?

Why so many rituals are being followed after death?

Why so much respect given to a dead body who can’t sense anything?

Why no respect and honour while living?

Why not the pains of a body can be felt when they are alive?

Why there is an objection from relatives of dead one when a liver or kidney from the corpse can save someone else’s life

Why there is an impediment stand in the way while dealing with the dead one giving reasons for maintaining religious conscientious?

Why there is no such thought of caring for old ones when they are alive?

Why there is no such worry of good beingness of a soul while they are living?

Why “Rest in Peace” only after death?

Why it is missing when we alive?


Bindu Trigunayak

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The Fire of Ego ►


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Bindu Trigunayak

Mon 14th Oct 2019 06:36

Thanks, Sonali & Ruth for your likes😊

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Sonali Govind

Sat 12th Oct 2019 21:23

So realistic!

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