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Piggy in the middle

Trump to the left of me

Brexit to the right


Eire I am, stuck in the middle with Eu...

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Disorientated (2)


Yesterday a policeman shit on my head

when I went to complain to a pigeon

about my gypsy being stolen by two cars.

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entry picture

Take me through your mind,
through all the things we need to face,
broken trails hard to find,
full of strangers
following their paths,
protecting their days.

Take me through your land
through the eyes of different people
scattered in the dark,
with no reason for a blame, 
we are here just for a while,
our fears are all the same.

Take me through your beauty
carneval lights falling...

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aliencreative writinglove poetrypoetrywriting

My Feet

My Feet


They have padded in various places

from shady joints to tropical beaches

Across countless pages they have trodden

in shoes, sandals, boots and in naked sedition

They have carried burdens and suffered corns

roamed the countryside and endured brittle thorns

I clip the nails and moisturise their soles

for God alone knows these extreme toes

My feet are a divine ...

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A poet will pick up his pen

At the whim of his muse now and then

So he writes it all out

Then in tortured self-doubt

Rips it up and starts over again

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I am

A second in the stream of eternity 

A gentle touch of God’s fingers

A footprint 

A stamp

A whisper


Don’t try to measure me

Mold me

Color me

Don’t trap me in a box


I live in freedom

I am Someone

Or no one

I come and I go


I am under, above

Somewhere beyond

If you want to know me

Close your eyes and listen…


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About Us

Passion consumed 
eventually fades.

Passion capped 
pursues us 

beyond the grave.

This revelation 
helps me understand,

our encounter was 
never about us.

It was about our muses
intertwined in the 

world of words.

We were denied 
the lasting passion
we searched for

so we could write 
our soul songs

for seekers 
to see

the ectasy 
and despair

that accompan...

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despairectasyencounterseternityGhostslovelove poemsMusepassionsoulmatestwin flamesunrequited love

Pseudo Aristocrats

Pseudo Aristocrats


A disrobed choir of discordant voices

with silver spoons rammed down their gullets

An elite of frumpy frocks

apeing one another in full length mirrors

Polished and posh, priggish and fake

a privileged grooming from a redundant stable

Manes dyed yellow and painted faces

a ship with no compass but a fools rudder

They sail, glide with impunity to rid...

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To all you UK readers under fifty five; come... take a trip with me

Back to Christmas 1962  - and the New Year of '63.

On Boxing Day the first flakes fell but few folk were concerned,

But wiser minds stocked grates with logs - not to be "twice burned".

There was a lull and smug smiles came - and just as quickly went,

As Mother Nature took a breath and then gave it full vent!

The ...

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Getting All A's


Remember the A's

you got in school

how proud you were

to have them

and how proud to share

your report card

with parents who would

brag on you and

embarrass you with praise

and tell all the relatives

about your success

but then came graduation

and real life happened

and suddenly the A's

went away

and you became just

"meets expectations"

only a...

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Ye Madcaps Of England

entry picture

England is Britain's last colony

But we English are an awkward lot

We like to make our own decisions

And not delegate to Westminster

Or to the EU. When we watch our

Politicians prevaricate when we've

Told them exactly what to do:

Leave the EU! Then our long fuse

Starts to burn ever-so slowly

And our long memories surface too.

The first country in Europe

To execute ...

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I just wonder how it would be

When after months many

We are going to eachother see


Will i cry on seeing you

Will i run right into your arms

Will i laugh and dance


The moment of our divine unite

Should be the best ever lived

A precious hour permanently fixed


I don't wish to feel shy like before

And miss on the moments of love

So this time it's gonna b...

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The past came calling,
Oh!  What a pity.
For love that once intoxicated,
Was left behind to die. 

The heart bled and the lips quivered, 
Lost were you in the midst of time, 
The night had your name on love's lips,
And the day your face to see.

The gentle hold and palm's softness, 
A baritone voice and soothing words,
The loving eyes that says it all,
Were all lost in the midst of ti...

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to be the best

To be the best


My husband is Europe`s best salesman

she said proudly.

What does he sell? Things, she said.

What things? Well, many different things.

Putin is a good seller of hopes, I said.

Who is Putin? A man who sell dreams

and other things, I have never heard of

him does he sell houses too.

Reflecting upon “things” Brexit came

to mine, people didn`t want to bu...

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"wonder woman"

I am empowered by the wisdom divine

To handle troubles and shattering pain

In all circumstances I stand to defend

Heart, soul and mind from fatal attacks


My power has increased over the years

I feel stronger and have no fears

The demons have no power over me

They have been banished and forbidden


The world seems new and so do I

Born anew with a new heart and sou...

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Painful love

entry picture

A lot guys hit on you. You post of a lot of pictures. you like attention. Who’s that. where are you. I don’t like that. You’re making me mad. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. I only did it because you made me upset. It’s only because I love you.



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Acid rain |

Perchance To Dream

Perchance to Dream.

Part 1

You think the world is solid, then watch it simply melt

Down a drain in the gutter, that’s just how it felt

So I followed diving in, though in a slot in the grid

There saw a woman standing, from my gaze she simply slid

Looking up, looking down, looking this way, looking that

I saw a cat with green whiskers, sitting on a mat


It’s edges quickly...

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abstract surrealdreamssuccubus

Idle Hands.

I don't think you understand the the severity of my depression.
If you did you'd know it justifies my smoking sessions.
I don't do it to get "lit" or to have a good fucking time,
I do it cause I can't sleep unless I'm really fucking high.
My brain it eats at me and won't let me breathe.
The destruction and misery that's inside of me.
It keeps me awake and when they ask I just fake
a smile u...

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bare with meTrying something newwriters block


entry picture



At times I get befuddled

Spinning round and round

C'mon can you blame me?

I'm living upside down


I'ts OK you UK'ers

And you in gay Francee

I don't have your northern clime

To keep me fuddle free


I'm rhyming in this fuddled state

With glass of white in hand

Purpose? Just to send a smile

From my upside-down land


So what will happen...

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Dad's song

A song won’t save my daddy

yet I hold his hand and sing

A prayer isn’t saving my daddy

Though we pray endlessly in our hearts


My dad composed his life around us

A silent song of love

Dad conducted a sweet melody

For my mum my sisters and brother too

We danced merrily to his tune

Too happy to care that the bliss may end soon


Now we gather around dad like a vo...

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Silent Song (In The Morning)

entry picture

I imagine that you are as beautiful as
the smile of the goddess of the moon
staring at the sweet face full of miss
here I am, friends with stunned dew
I hope you enjoy graceful sleep

I wish you dream about our beauty
and hope to meet in our real desire
I ask that I don't get bored we knit
fused eternal romance to greet

latitude of dawn greeted me kindly
understand me who is broken do...

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entry picture

Snow blind to cowards and a dead canary as tomes time the

towers at the end of everything like real coffin lids,


Stones grind the flowers in an ossuary as gnomes find the

hours aren’t necessary to appeal to the goddesses,


Banging to the autotune as you

hump a slut a week huh?


Breaking through the monotone like we’re

crumbling up the weed bruh,


Devils ask...

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Big SalenemiesholorimeVerisimilitude: Volume 2

Switch On And Tune In

When it's all about to go sideways,

Theres a moment, for those in the know,

A moment that those in the know can see,

That sideways is how it's gonna go.


Like suddenly holding your breath,

And everything starts moving slow,

Then everyone hangs on that moment,

Afraid of letting it go.


There's a peace in those solitarily seconds,

You can feel the ebb and the flow,


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entry picture

Poem 93 of 230: ONE-POT COOKING 

While living as a bachelor,
I’ve cooked in just one pot -
Cast-iron with a wooden handle,
It can hold quite a lot:

In a locally-grown rapeseed oil,
Sweat onions a while;
Adding a powdered-veggie-soup stock,
Plus greens, to the pile;

Then, with this vegan-mix nearly done,
Add canned lentils or beans.
Served with some toast plus tomato sauce,
To an end, i...

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Last Image

I’ve learnt to draw you deftly

With no subject before me;

The day you left as lightning,

I drained down my eye sockets

Of empty remainders; still retained

Mild wet blinks at every flash and a blip,

Pieces of you restore bit by bit.

Now it’s mildewed with a screen of you

On front, long stored.

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Anthem of Life

entry picture

All heartbeats together under just one sound… 

Their prayer's voices in unison became every woman’s cry…

While abandoned footsteps on wet sand 

awaited the arrival of the evening tide

to emancipate themselves from the strings of man…

A lotus flower rose from the dirt, exterminated man’s decay…

And softly whispered to the wind of an approaching day…


A new dawn has just beg...

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Also by Xoanxo:

Isolation |


For the rest of the world

No longer will I say

You did this to me.


For the rest of the world,


I will be strong.
I will be kind.
I will be present.

I will be compassionate.
I will be understanding.
I will be empathetic.

I will be courageous.
I will be intuitive.
I will be brave.

I will be everything
That you couldn't be
For me -


You did NOT


Ruin me

For the rest of the w...

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Elliot {Le Spectacle}

entry picture

Elliot likes to show 

his learning 

In French, Latin 

and Greek 

And with references 

hiding aplenty 

There's  work in his words 

so to speak 


Words and foto Tommy Carroll  

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January Blues

All through January

I searched through the house

For something to fit me

But couldn't find a blouse


As I got dressed

I went all numb

Couldn't find anything

To cover my bum


A pair of stretch leggins

My husbands' shirt

Was all I could find

To cover my girth


The wine and chocolates

Went down with ease

I never refused

Just said yes please


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I'm Only Happy When I Sleep

Have you ever put a gun to your head?
Just to countdown for the bullets not to go through
It got lodged into the gun
I had a moment of bliss yesterday
Now the depression is back
I hate these deadly chemicals that can kill
Drowning my brain they are

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My Mum's Lover

A house,

a staircase

it was an accident

you hit me

with your words

it's my home I say

but you don’t care

you have come in


soon you will leave

but not me, her

I find my bedroom

solace and silence

the smallness of me

you have come again

I do not want you

you are not mine, hers

you smother me,

press me into bedsheets

you smell of bull swe...

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abusechildhood traumahopelessnesssurvival

Lost in a Yorkshire Landscape 

Lost in a Durham Landscape


I kicked my heels in the living room

while Aoife was in the kitchen

mulling wine


a painting above the mantelpiece

(where a mirror ought to be)

drew my eye


a watchman is walking through a gate

pushing a rusted bike


behind him tumble-down allotments

ahead a row of cottages


it’s late

the sky has darkled

a hazer...

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Also by Rick:

Ugly Until | Boot Hill |


Each word separated from the other

removed from the greater part which gave it meaning,

the vowels waterboarded,

exclamations electrocuted.


The CAPITALS made to sit in corners

while comma's had their toe-nails pulled.

Question marks eradicated, 

full stops turned informer.


Phonic's disembodied to a hum

their transitions obliterated.

All died in lonesome sile...

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How Dare They

How many times must we be Abused . We will never become a third world Country . They will never defeat our will. The Will  of the people will never let you . Our Forefathers fought for our Freedom . And we would never betray them . We should betray all cruelty to Children because they are our future . And not let other Countries abuse our trust . By saying we are not worthy . The Working Class are...

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entry picture

He's not in the first flush of youth,

there's too much snow on the roof,

in fact most people are saying

he's far too long in the tooth

to still be behind the wheel.

Time to use your bus pass Phil.

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Travelling light

I started in heaven but then I saw him and started to fall. I just kept falling for him. Deeper and deeper. He was my addiction. He changed me for which I though was the better but then left me. It was only then that I realised his bitter departure left me broken, battered and falling apart. 

Fire burned all around me but the one in my heart had died. In its place lay the ash from my charred he...

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I lose Myself almost as much as I lose my keys.

Sometimes, I think I have a grasp on her,
And then she slips through my fingers, and dances away again.

I try and shove her into my body- 
Into my heart, my soul, my mind-
But she melts through my feet, and slithers away.

She follows other people around, too.
As if she wants to be a part of anyone but me. 
She tries to filter into other...

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Government Of The Heat

entry picture


The jungle life 
Kill or be killed
At alert always or be blamed for it
Move alone and become a gunner
Government of the heat

Little freedom in your territory 
But doesn't last long
Those with flat foots will assail 
Give them everything still won't be ok
Always insatiable they are

Followed you everywhere 
Know your every move 
Their job is to protect 
Now devour and claim 

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Also by Kporho Raphael Oyeke:

The Appreciation | Foolishness |

A Fine Line between Living and Death

You do not exist anymore 

Scientifically speaking, 

You are absolutely nothing 

Unconscious, intangible, not there. 


You exist in my mind, 

Poetically speaking, 

You live on through that funny anecdote

That recipe, that legacy, our memory.  


You are my tragic backstory, 

Therapeutically speaking, 

The key to solving why I am the way I am 

What you made me...

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Also by April Emmeline:

Wonderings | Being |

deathearly deathfamilyfamilylossgriefGrievinglifelife after deathlife and deathLost familypainperspective

the quiet room

there is a room in minnesota that is so quiet

you can hear your blood trickle through your veins

no one can stand it, but I wish I was there

to hear my body shut down

     here is a liver

     here is a lung

     here is the panicked thrum of a heart that is dying

     here is the piss and fuzz of the brain

     realising it is alone


what does hope sound like?


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O Coveted Pandiculation

I just wonder, we have forgotten to pandiculate

Our mind needs to stimulate

Gone were the days when we woke up in the morning

No time for stretching body accompanied with yawning

Today we are in rat race

No scope to take rest

Busy life with so many tasks at a time


Running in a race where no victory and defeat to face

Those c...

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Also by Bindu Trigunayak:

One Life is not enough! | Shut those Doors.. | I was Wrong! |

Sick of

Sick of your packaged life,

hatred ,cry and laughter.

We are selling same musty emotions,

in different colourful wrapper.


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I saw her standing there

and suddenly thought;

what a wonderful title for a song;

but of course i'm not the Beatles,

so using the idea would have been so very wrong.

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Also by ray pool:


Battlegrounds of the Heart

And all at once

We revisted the site

Where the wounded lie


We examined their injuries

Doing our best to determine

If they were fatal


It requires a detached rationale

It laughs in the face of pure emotion

For life is smarter than you think


Forever your opponent

Even when pretending

To be a friend


For life brought me you

Star crossed

And ...

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A meteor

entry picture

Once you were a megastar

glittering high up in the firmanent,

mesmerized by the brilliance of popularity,

glowing celebrity and meteoric success.

But with time, fickle stargazers turned to

other brighter supernovas, and you

unwillingly became a falling star,

returning to your earthly origins.

Drink, drugs, debts, arrests, humiliation,

rancour and hardship, because thinki...

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Also by jennifer Malden:

Murray | The Wanderers (Bombus Lucorum) |

On love and self-efficacy

I used to believe that when it comes to love and hate, right and wrong, good and evil; the notions were night and day.

And though I still believe that there are very clear distinctions between each pair of opposing ideas, I have begun to question such simple binaries.

Our progenitors committed acts of violence and hatred that we still commit today.

For that reason, I pray evil isn’t conge...

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Also by Clarke:

曲折 | Still |

A New Riddle of Cosmology

entry picture

An explosion beyond comprehension sent all

The ingredients of the cosmos careening through the void.

Light, matter, and energy diffused chaotically,

Taking billions of years (as we now know them)

To fall into some kind of order, to establish

Some vaguely predictable interactions of

Cosmic proportion. Somehow, trillions of

Particles began to cooperate to form

Molecules of ca...

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Also by Randy Horton:

Perception |


"Poetic Rules! Are you really serious?

Rules a plenty and all so we can maintain order of our art of thought
Express yourself through a template that someone else just published
Middle class lives, aspired and achieved and desired and lived
I will give you 50 lines today and 50 lines tomorrow and 50 more on your fucking birthday

No more romance without some cash and an agreement now 
Negotiate in the car or bar or online, but no...

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Also by AM Cash:

Feedback Mode (Why are the nails pointing outwards from that coffin?) |

competitionpoetry competitionsPoetry rulesWOL


she walks with her head down

she does not speak

her jaws are clenched 

and her fingers pick at skin 

a knot seems to always be lodged into her throat 

the she is alone

No one sees it

No one sees her for who she is for

She has chained herself up to a tower of rotten flesh

that smells and leaks of fluid

but she will not let go

the tower that once brought her confiden...

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