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Keep on Movies

Action pack

Thiller like Mike Jack

PG-13 Comedy - Captain Jack 

Eyes on the sparrow 

Keep on movies 

Neglecting duties 

The horror

The drama

No worry

It's Sci-fi

No hurry

Keep on movies



A mystery adventure of the first world war

History keeps on moving

But you keep on movies

Hours of our lives in front of a screen 

Taste not, ...

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Also by Juan Pablo Lynch:

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The shout!

Chords they penetrate

the chambers of her mind

In each room a different sound

another melody combined

with rhythms glucking, aggressive and refined

Should she let go?

Open the doors and let the music be free?


It’s the first day of the year.

The window opens

The air is light, the sky is clear

Her lungs filled with freedom

A shout into the open space!

Her voi...

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Also by Pyrola:

In the wind | Flames |

21st Century Folly

On June 23rd the people chose

They chose to leave the club

They chose to stand alone

And they chose to snub.


They snubbed the whole of Europe

They took their toys and turned

They turned away from commonsense

And forget all that they’d learned.


They turned inward and gazed

Stared hard at their navels

Their children’s futures narrowed

As the parents turned ...

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Also by Paul Nunn:

What falls... |


In The Light of The Evening

I work hard most days
hands all rough by six
but it’s worth every callous
whatever’s needed
and when I’m done, I walk
right down the sea-front promenade
sip on a cup of something
so warm and so sweet
with those boats sailing out and in
in the lazy light of the evening

There forms a shape in the foam on my drink
Kiya, I see the outline of your head
looking back at me
I wonder just ho...

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Also by Tom:

Read You Once More |


On Being Seen

On Being Seen



These are said to be human,

They breathe they eat,

They are equal to all

And all are equal,

Yet they have the power,

Power to take away

The pittance from a family man,

Power to stop a young boy,

A young girl from aspirations

With good working principles.


‘You’ve been seen!’

They say in their juvenile way,

And then it’s the food ba...

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Also by Noetic-fret!:

Bedlams Wake | Kill Switch | Beyond The Boundaries Of Words |


From the uncertain depths of diplomacy

rose up this Kraken

his massive mouth spouting

and no one knows the ocean's mind

or the depths that it can sink to.


In the ascendancy he is

scornful of harpoons

the hide impenetrable

so, all you travellers on the seas

and on your land and in the air

remember to take some extra care

as others legitimize those loony tunes.

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Also by ray pool:



my legs are closed now

so it's all through to you


you say:

what a night

you're fantastic


that was fun

while it lasted


I say:

oh yeah


go on now

get gone


but despite my efforts

to deny it

to hide it


my young heart

is ripped open,

in two 


it's through 


wondering your answers 

to the questions


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Also by Little Bit:

fantasy | first love | creativity constipation |

On paths

entry picture

On paths we cross,
threads connecting
in place 


Our alignments tangle
in a web
of time 


Flashes trapped
as water drops 
on glass


When day closes,
our vapour trails
I trace


Those moments in place,
roll like ripples 
on a lake


Those places in time,
held like snow globes 
in my mind

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abstractplacetimetime traveltravel

How Come

How come people cannot find the time , to demonstrate against groomers . How come people say nothing about the cruelty against children and the Sharea law . How come people who are elderly and disabled are discriminated against. But funds are always found for the rich . How if you are a groomer you can fade without feeling the pain of being caught . And how come millions of people who don't feel t...

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Also by Wendy Higson:

Hearsay |

Your Poetry

A few silent words lay between us
on some stained and shady card-table
for all the song and dance now skip'd along
and each chosen line stands for ten
this the burden of being penned

A bitter glass of judgement lies full-drained
truer thirst realised in venom-fail
offer a fair hearing to one dream-sane
the slightest insight magnified
for its own sake rest satisfied


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Also by Adam Whitworth:

(untitled) | (untitled) | (untitled) | Nostalgia |



The world and its dog seem determined to dump

All the guilt in their world on President Trump.

Yet it was the saintly Obama - looking back -

Who placed SIX month exclusions on folk from Iraq.


And the list of proscribed lands he handed on

Has been taken up by the much maligned Don.

Whose position as president duly elected

Entitles him and his office to be respected.



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Also by M.C. Newberry:


My Mind’s A Blank

My mind’s a blank

I just can’t think

To be quite frank

I’m on the brink

Right at the edge

Without a chance

Out on a ledge

Stood in a trance

Stood in a trance

Out on a ledge

Without a chance

Right at the edge

I’m on the brink

To be quite frank

I just can’t think

My mind’s a blank

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

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Little Red Rabbit

He dressed her in velvet,

His little rabbit.

He coveted her sweetness.

She was his drug habit.


Bloody kisses  bite her lip

But it's ok, he loves her right?

His perfect partner, perfect wife,

Slap her nearly every night.


Takes her out in his expensive gift.

He chose it, she must wear it,

She feels embarrassed, tarted up,

Don't say it, touch-paper lit.



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Also by Louise Hogg:

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Violence domestic abuse control

Stormy Weather

Your forehead smells like rain

He tells me when I return home

Though the sidewalks are dry as bone

And there are flowers clenched in my fist

He breathes in the wetness from my skin

Unaware he has stuck his nose in a mist

As I am anything but concrete

He puts me to bed in the tub

And the flowers in some jar

As we both drink up the water

And make our bellies plump


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Also by Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz:

The Yard | My attempt | The Triangle | In and Out |

Diffrent attitude of mind

The innocent

By the sweat of
One's brow
Their likes aspire
To grow.
For them
Bread and water
Is all right
So far as their walk
Could face the glare of light!

The corrupt

Bugs, they are not averse
To fattening
By the blood and tears of others!

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

What do I care? | A sunny rain | Self Canibalism | Elegy by a poet |


Mumbo jumbo

Summer sounds are echoing now

As the moo comes from the cow

The bark that came out from the dog

Is wrapped around a burning log


Flying birds go shooting by

One by one towards the sky

Buzzing bees go humming past

Followed by the wasp thats last


Rabbits hop and jump around

The worms that live upon the ground

The ants are working all day long

As mary jane br...

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Also by james bowness:

(THROW THE EGG) JOHNY CLEGG. | Little people ( in my head ) | King of the dead |


the human race is deeply flawed

and power does corrupt

still yet we cry, a wailing wall

morality erupts

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Also by Stuart Buck:

mirrored images | the day of the lord will come like a thief | a king without a crown | i will ruin everything eventually | breaking an azeotrope with unidirectional pressure manipulation |

Pigs might...

entry picture

Pigs might fly…


Who says they can’t?

Is there an omniscient

oinker monitor float-

ing in the same tree?

Who has the right

to tell watchers

who dream

the impossible

that pigs might…?

In deepest despair

we need hope,

need dreams

to fall back on.

A competitive spirit…


Who says we can’t?

I need to soar

above my world

sometimes, believe


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Also by Frances Macaulay Forde:

West Australian Writers' Festival. |

Pigs Might FlyPoetic Friendswhimsy


Adorable and employable
Observe, as my top lip curls,
exposed white-tip pearls.
divided, exaggerated notions,  ideal motions, dividends on an emotional ever-growing emotional severance.
Ideas of a dead mans long-lost lust lure curve.
i have found home, at last, rest absorbs into this stale husk
Thus ensures a thousand year rest, at peace, at last.
The ability to cease.

Endless torrents, ...

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Also by Jack Hopwaters Jr:

Sometime then? |


Everyone who has every had their heart broken has had that thought-

Is it better to feel or to feel nothing at all?

In the heart of it, you wish to feel nothing,

Not an ounce of pain or heartache every again.

Is it truly better to have loved and lost

Than to have never loved at all.

Clear mindedly, I easily follow that with a yes.

But when you are crying out at 2AM for somethi...

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Also by M H:

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Watermelon Life

Life is a jolly watermelon
With seeds and juice galore;
Should I need someone to share it,
I know you are only next door.
Some might say the rind
Is so thick, who can prevail,
But I think of the soft center
Impacted by every detail.

How often do you bite right down
To the edge of any other fruit?
These watermelons hold the prize
Of filling you up tongue and tooth.
Let's share this wond...

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Also by Randall Eckstein:

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Bye . . .

Isn't "bye" a form of saying you're leaving for a while or even forever...? I mean isn't that the message people receive? It hurts a lot honestly ... But then you're stuck in between did this person mean "bye as in see you tomorrow" or "bye as in I'm leaving forever." We don't ever know until time shows us. They're either there the next day...or gone... and all you can do is be happy or feel the p...

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I tug and pull and tug and pull
I've been doing this for ages
I tug and pull and tug and pull
Nothing ever changes 

I tug and pull and tug and pull
It's making me go crazy 
I tug and pull and tug and pull 
People think I'm lazy 

I tug and pull and tug and pull
I'm doing my best to save me 
I tug and pull and tug and pull 
A mess is all that they see 

I tug and pull and tug and pu...

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Also by Alonelymouse:

Painfully Unique | You're too complacent | Bar of soap | Where are the wise ones? |

Lazy afternoon thoughts

Thoughts of mine

Trapped in my head

They don't want to come out and play

They'd rather be lazy all day

Than be frivolous and trivial

So I'll stay out of the way

Until I find meaning and purpose...

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Also by Kimberly Ray:

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entry picture

(A piece I wrote 40 years ago in support of retirement at 60 for mineworkers. Harold Wilson was Prime Minister and Derek Ezra was Chairman of the National Coal Board.  I was a young recruit)


At the end of this month I shall be 59

And for 44 years I’ve worked in the mines

When once I was strong, for my health I now fear

I ought to retire at the end of the year.


I’ve worked ...

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Also by John Coopey:



entry picture

She said she wanted to go home

he replied "not now"

The look on her face

said there was more 

going on than just her words

were they fighting

was she just tired

She put her fork down

and gazed out the window

He continued to eat

like he did not notice 

her needs

With no words

she got up and went

to the ladies room

He took out his cell phone

and began ...

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Also by lynn hahn:



The ransom

We tremble at the thought that our loved one is missed
Being kidnapped at beach while on restful retreat
Grabbed with a stronger hand, and taped as a canned meat
Tossed in the back of van with limbs flailing in twist

Delivered as a note is a messy blackmail
Of a million dollars, as a classless insult
The pain and the torture of missing the result
An ear chopped off, latest of this sad tal...

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Also by Louis Audet:

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My Stillborn Child, by Jose Coleman

Mhow, India,  January 1941

Oh my heart's darling why
could they not let you lie
under the open sky
outside the wall
where the clean rain could fall
and the sun shine?
Silent. No bird will sing
there where you lie
under the tall thin trees.
They with their pointed leaves
crowd out the light,
filter the monsoon rains,
deaden the air along lines of graves.

Do you rest still,

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Tonight I realized its not up to you to decide me.
Its not my job to initiate conversation,
Its not my requirement to put on more makeup,
You don't get to decide what shirts you think look good on me.

Tonight I realized its not my place to lower myself to you.
I don't have to make sure you're satisfied,
I don't need to stop what I'm doing to answer to you.
There's only one of me, and ther...

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From Friendship to Love (II)

Rewriting boundaries
The transition from friendship to love
Is laced with clues
Neither of the parties could see
But oblivious to everybody else

Dancing around feeling
Like skating on frozen lakes
Until they start
To crack like tension
And feelings became rescues

Whether at 6 in the morning
On the way to work
At a frozen train station
Or well past midnight
Staring out of the wi...

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Also by Andy N:

From Friendship to Love | Spoken Label seeking new writers for podcasts |



I hope he wakes screaming with his teeth all fallen out

on the pillow of the dreams that were stolen overnight.

I hope the taste upon his tongue is iron mixed with salt

crossed with brickdust, faulty locks and crucified hate.


I hope for him a long life, epiphanies of bad faith.

I wish for him a hunger never silent or asleep.

I hope for him an ever present thirst to be i...

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Also by Laura Taylor:

River Estate Retrospective | Assertion Repetition and Contagion | Lullament |

Sleeping in a Forest

Everyone deserves a dream or two.


Sleeping in a Forest


Light and fire and music

all dance within me

in this perfect, silent forest

as she welcomes me to her breast,

full with fallen seeds and crinkled leaves

for my head; my bed of ashen river stones,

murmured possums, and repose. Long I slept

while overhead the white-hot starfields

bent to their nightly arcs...

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Also by Chris Hubbard:

Poppy | Bright Sky | A Rider | Sailing an Inland Sea | Snow and Lightning | Aeschylus Unbound | Ocean Wanderer | A Book of Hours | Chris Hubbard @ Mont Saint-Michel |


Return to Mount Tumbledown

entry picture

The ridge-line broke its verdant back

casting stone on jagged shoulders,  

here, millennial eruptions 

hurled dantean hell-like boulders.


Revisiting, remembering,

that night of flared intrusion,

delivered through embattled dreams,

adrenalin fueled confusion.


He’d climbed this bloody path before

like the stations of the cross,

and though through trials he won...

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Also by Wolfgar:

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Perspective Changes

i was a Christian. 

  Christian enough to stay out of trouble. 

i was tough and smart. 

  Tough enough to cut myself. 

  Smart enough to not get caught. 


Now i'm a Christian. 

  Christian enough to rely on God. 

i am strong and wise. 

  Strong enough to ask for help. 

  Wise enough to open myself up. 

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Also by LeeJ Waters:

The First of Many | Anxiety | Quiet Resentment |

Gave Me Up To Tears

entry picture

Gave Me Up To Tears


"And all my mother came into mine eyes
And gave me up to tears."
— William Shakespeare, Henry V


The air tastes of mashed potatoes

When she looks into your eyes

And you look back at the fear and hurt

And she says she’s sorry for dragging you here

And you tell her it’s nothing

Even though you were complaining

That very same thing on the drive h...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Saint Hate | Down In The Hole | Forsaking Auld Lang Syne |


The People

There is a place

For the people by the people

But who are the people

We are the people

You are the people

The people that drown and float

Who laugh and cry

Who spit and die

All in the name of the people

Who are not

We are the people who stand up and count

Who dare to put our heads

On the block

Above the parapet

Who will be a target

For the people witho...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Waiting | Not yet sixteen |

Penally Viagra

I went to Penally and,

caught down poems,

from the land, and the sea, and the sky,

A Viagra for the lack of words,

When words from life run dry.

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Also by Peter Ray:

Bags of Shite | Turn Of The Tide | The Extent Of The Tide | Before The Tide | How Evil Is The Mind Of Man | Responsibility |



When you cry

I cry


When you smile 

I smile


When you run

I run


When you jump

I jump 




When I do 

You don't

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Also by Anjeza Shahini:

Death in Real Time |

crusade 2 (1/27/2017)

cross-stitched dregs: the innocent
amputees march under burnt barons
welder's waltz on bitumen
danced through europe on red herrings

could I dare to fit the mold?
backstep quarry as I am
red-cooled as the iron folds?
to slay my fellow Abram's men?

all us may bear alike it seems
unstained by winter's medusa gaze
frozen hearts' slates and slips and screams
buried neath the grounds where c...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

the rifleman that played in minors (1/27/2017) | ache 2 (1/22/2017) |

abrams men listless hell restless

Flightless flight of blight and fright

Stuck on a grounded flight
Seats all taken with people of plight
Coughing, spluttering my new blight
Given delays this is my night
Stifling affliction that I can't fight
Snot rags, diseased air, cabin of fright
Suffocating infections this isn't right
Escape to the toilet I just might
Begin my flight
Away from the plight
Away from this blight
Of this just starting night
Such a futile fi...

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Also by Mel Shield:

Morning Musing | Antisocial Transport | 5 Hour 15 Minute Coach Journey | Leaving Early |

A Man for All Seasons

entry picture

He first grabbed our attention as Baron Richard Rich

Next a leading role as John Merrick (The Elephant Man)

In Nineteen Eighty - Four Winston Smith was his pitch

A drama unfolded as Mr. Braddock in The Hit

Stephen Ward in the Profumo affair what a Scandal

Quentin Crisp in The Naked Civil servant in 1975

Caligula in I, Claudius he definitely could handle  

Out of his Tardis the...

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Also by Tom Doolan:

Goodbye - 'Allo 'Allo | LA LA Land & Me | Fire from the Sky | Nice to See You | 2016 - Taken but not Forsaken |


whats up is up and down is down

hey im the kind of guy who likes to get around

tied and tethered, thats not me fool

this place is on lock down

I don't need your school

just give me some wings so I can fly

what Lynard sung about

what Jimmy lived, well atleast before he died

I mean if we can set are minds and hearts free why not our bodies too.

I mean just ask yourself " W...

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Also by old shoes:

Grey | Hammer Time |


My pain, guilt are nothing ... if compared 

With your miraclish feel "self-value"

(Nothing evident).

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Also by Dora Rochi:

Behind Point | Betray a Poor Man | Leaf | Pleasure | Revealing Peace | Dependent |



Traveller: walk roads.

Wash eye's innocence in life's flow.

Erode face-gullies in time's flood.

Let years sculpt wisdom into an open soul.

Face journey's lessons willing.

Respond. Adapt. Change.

Face alternate current.

Learn.  Change again.

Be you. Inner you. Consistent.

Washed clean.


Time's sculpture, life's subject.

Your self.


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Also by Rich:

Happen |

inner lightinner souljourneylife pathlife's journeyself

Absence of the mind

Torn pages,
words unspoken.
Thoughts undeveloped,
feelings being neglected.
I've turned into a creature I can't understand.
I've turned into something I cannot stand.

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mind of a lonely guy

Circle Pantoom

Life moves in a circle,

Try not to get lost.

It burns you up inside,

Or even goes to frost.


Try not to get lost,

In a world turned to flames.

Or even goes to frost,

When all else delays.


In a world turned to flames,

Screaming, shouting, pouting,

When all else delays,

Those who care shall wait the outing.


Screaming, shouting, pouting,

The cold c...

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Also by D Philo:

less |

Cooking With Mother

You'll need following ingredients:
1 female Homo Sapien pond life
1 male Homo  Sapien pond life*
1 bottle of Lambrini or cheap Prosecco
30 lambert & Butler or 10g Amber leaf rolling tobacco 
Fag papers
1 bottle of Red Square vodka
1 bottle Diet Coke
1/2g coke
Jeremy Kyle show plus audience of suitable misery parasites 
KFC bargain bucket

*if pond life not available any idiot...

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Also by Jeff:

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If i could grow wings and fly away, i would fly straight to heaven and get on my knees and pray. I would beg for forgiveness from the good Lord above, and all i would ask is to simply feel loved. I would bow my head down and give up my soul, i would pray to find happiness in any role, a child, a young woman, a mother, a friend...if only true joy i would feel in the end. But for me its a struggle n...

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Also by Heidi:

Me | Anger |

After A Break Up

After a breakup, pain may linger with you a while, 

but one morning you will wake once more with a smile,

Until that time comes write notes to throw away,

notes that hold your pain, to leave you free one day,


There's no clock with the means to predict the date,

don't let heartbreak turn love over to the icy grip of hate,

for positive feelings are those we all seek in our liv...

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break uphatelovetime

We are all connected

All the people you don't like have the right to walk on this planet just as much as you do. 
We all have a purpose. Never forget that. I find myself taking people for granted, but the world needs us all to move forward. don't think anothers life doesn't matter. 

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Also by Youthfullyxx:

Not surprised | Love spilled on the carpet | Born sick | Society brainwashed me | Open up we can share the mess | Lack of love |

Auction of my Heart

(He entered da Auction-room. a bare-footed, untidy-casual young man. When he stepped on the stage, bidders start whispering among themselves. Suddenly breaking his silence, Slowly he starts Reciting da Lines… ) 


I would like to auction ma Heart

Yes, My own Pulsating Heart,

What is -

Stupid, because of its foolishness.

Idiot, for its sky long day-dreaming

And obstinate...

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On the Edge

Sitting on the edge accelerates spin.

Rotations whip and grow nausea,

Build an unhalting acid tsunami.

Chest and throat burn in failed containment,

Leaving nostrils as primary escape route.

Emerging fire constricts breathing,

Forcing involuntary gagging through gaping mouth.

Escape route two is established.

Waves crash through open portal,

Propelled with violent intent ‘...

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Also by Rob J Mann:

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Norway 3

Those kind Norwegian men

With their big hands

Leading the walking wounded

Those kind Norwegian men

With their warm smiles and blankets

And paper cup coffee

Those kind Norwegian men

With their strong arms

And their gentle words

God bless those kind Norwegian men




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My heart has seen deeper than eyes of mine..
Stories hidden deep within,
May be they aren't profound or coherent..
But they are my stories or rather a reality,
Which my eyes barely narrate.

My heart has seen deeper than eyes of mine..
Embracing all the darkness of life I still shine.
Oh no..I did not wait for planets to take its position.
Or my stars to align..
I have created my own con...

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Also by Sharvari:

My Story | Splintered Soul | Complete Meal | Unison |


Long ago, my heart was shattered,
Scattered all across the land,
I was left alone to build the puzzle
With my own two hands

On my journey I have found that
Every person that I meet,
Has something deep inside of them-  My heart, a part of me

And so, I chose to live without,
To let the pieces go,
To share with them life's beauty,
While I live on in their souls.

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Also by Eric:

My Misery |


How can I tell her that I love her?

How can I show her my true feelings?

If the words “I Love You” are dwarfed compared to what I feel.

Not even all the jewelry and roses of the world could equal her beauty.


How can I describe to her?

That every time I see her my surroundings cancel out.

She is my center of attention,

That for her my heart aggressively pounds.



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Also by E.M Chino:

Maria | The White Van | Wake Up/Despierta |

emotionalemotionsLovePoetryRomantic poemsromantic poetryUncertainty

who knows

Who knows how long we have
Who knows what tomorrow will bring
Be humble in nature
Be thankful for what you have
Not envious of what you don't 
It may look as if others have it good
But you shouldn't need to publish a lie


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Also by Ashley:

freedom writting |


These makeshift colonies

of boomtown tenements

and temporary residents


staked out by expeditions

surveying all the land

to claim for god king and state


a newly found and bountiful ground

that knows neither master nor plough


whose prerogative it is

to remind us at will


how earth does close the womb

and draws down the shroud

to claim all that w...

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Also by elPintor:

stargazer | furlough | strand | cataclysm and containment--Stage 1 |

Sylvia Plath's Silver Fox

sylvia plath
oh how you made us laugh
if only you had used a microwave oven

ted hughes
like all great poets
you were great with women weren't you
and to be fair
you also wrote a really good poem about a fox
and you got laid many times because of it
and apparently three of your loves killed themselves
and then you published some poems about one of them
but not the other tw...

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humorous poetry


Thoughts are heavy 
in my head,
feeling a familiar 
kind of dread.

The fog crowds, 
absorbs all thought.
The half moon hangs low, 
echoes a perfect glow.

It's dark inside my heart 
when I feel all the parts, 
I fall apart.


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Also by MyDystopiA:

Edge | Dust | Silver Light | I Don't Want to Write Tonight | Fine |


King of Armaggedon

Apocolyptic prophecies foretold

The revelation is revealed

The horsemen make their descent

The angels break the seals

A cataclysmic lunar event

The blackening of the sun

Arachaic scriptures speak

The final days have begun

Kingdoms are torn apart

The trumpets are blown

Each disaster worsens

The wretched are left alone

Angels are now demons

Meterorites incinera...

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Waiting to Die

entry picture

I used to reside in the palace of Hyde,

not too far from Nob Hill,

they kicked me out in mid-July,

but I know I'm not ill.

I know I'm down and we all came to be,

I've grown attached, very naturally,

I'll get better, I'll get it together.

I won't just be another hopeless tree

waiting to die under Lombard Street.

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I sleep

in a bed of fire

because I'm covered

in love for you.


I melt into,

turn into lava

when I see you,

love you so much

I hope you haunt me.


I'm burnt red,

a fiery paintbrush

took across a sunset.

burnt orange leaves


That fall from trees

as I fall to your feet

when I melt for you

like I do.


The seas are dry,

and parted aw...

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Breaking bonds

How my first year of college feels like? 

It's a big bag of junk. Mostly junk. In the bag are also some things I know and like. Old friends, old jokes, old sympathy strike. 

Mixed together I have to take the pieces out. One by one. On daily light. No idea what I'll get. But somehow...I have to make sense out of that. 

Don't ask me why...don't ask me how. I feel like nothing I've experienc...

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Also by FruFru:

I do and will miss you | Lonestars |


For Robert Watson Not so much walking, as rocking side to side, each step an inch at most, like a wind-up toy.  It's a long hallway, but it's early yet.  Boiled vegetable puree and chicken broth again.  Everything hurts.  Most of all, the children.  Sleepless nights, unawakened days.      Brethren will come when it's too late.  there's nothing left but to linger.  The road ahead is grim, thi...

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Also by Eric erb:

One Aspen |



Breed from capitalism
Keeping man trapped in a material prison
With people, friend or foe
We can never truly know
All The Secrets that they have hidden
So we bury our love in silicon and plastic
Stuck in a rut, don't know how to get past it
this leads to a disease of unspeakable nature
Stabbing friends in the back for a piece of that paper

Nobody cares about the children in...

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good for you 

and good for me 

but we both know 

what's meant to be. 

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Weekend Alone

an empty morning

your pillow
how you left it
curled under
on the edge

i remind myself
to think of you
in the new silence

the cat watching
with the small
of a ghost

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Also by A.M. Clarke:

Walking in the Woods |


(on drifting too close to the preacher)


He was no inhabitant of this world

Who hurried with such swiftness that the wind

Fluttered the rags around his lanky frame

Like tattered gonfalons...Who`s fierce eyes-

Caught fire long ago of some great vision-

Perpetually blazed...who uttered madnesses,

Words, wild words, no man could tolerate,

Full of crucifixions, dark, sad de...

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Also by Harry O`N eill:

Because. | Miracle of wondrous canal lock |

On the rocks

Dawn will break to shatter

Dreams and fog alike

As your body did

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Also by Chunks and Marrow:

Incense to Itches | Happy next year |

I Will Stand With You

I am who I am largely due to the women I have known

I give thanks to their help in my personal development

for teaching me how to express love

through vital lessons they have shown

like empathy, compassion, forgiveness and understanding

accepting me despite my many flaws and imperfections.

To all the positive female role models I've known over the years

who reassured me that s...

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Also by Matthew Nicholson:

Exploited by the Building Site Bell Ends |

equal rightsequalitypoetry


entry picture

The night is black.
The night is cold.

Oh how full shes appears tonight,

The moon.

she so shines bright.
All alone

she lights up the sky.
Some stars.
scattered near by.
Here i stand. 
on this cold night.
To the stars and moon i look tonight. 
The dark sea.
she splashes.
At my feet.
The silver sand.
she surrounds my toes.
Oh yes.
I feel the breeze.
Golden ...

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#dolpins#journey#meditate#moon#relax#stars#themoonandi#thirdeye #connect#unicorns#vegan#waves

Merely Air

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Also by Leigh Tiffany Love:

Eyes Wide Open | Destiny of a Villain | age vs growth |

Mother Love

As I think of her she smile

all the blue and their rile
they fade in dark
but for whit a while


I long for the last
this sojourn to end, last mile
and this longingness that
swells in vast
ends in hug like the sand do
to the waters of Nile


when she flows she hug and take
away the grains with her
and when sleeps and sleeps unawake
this sand once cool, now behaves
as fur


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An Attempt To Cope

When I'm looking for a way to cope,

The first thing I can do is hope.

Breathing in the deepest of breaths,

Trying to forget too many regrets.

Going nowhere high in this lonely room.

I'm falling slowly into the deepest of gloom.

Can't seem to erase you off my mind.

Constantly feeling like I robbed you blind.

I'll be sending out the best intentions,

Hoping it will soon be ...

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Doggy Delight

entry picture


Excited yips, the 3 o’clock pips,

Eager eyes, tennis-ball surprise,

Scampering paws, expectant jaws,

Open door, a bolt into the fore,

The cool crisp air, breathed without care,

The deep green grass, quivers as I pass.


Into the sky, the bright green blob doth fly,

A blur of fur, barks and yaps slur,

A frenzied pursuit, of tennis ball loot,

Grass sent flying, gro...

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doggy whimsyrarity

Staying in Tonight

entry picture

Totally fed up

boyfriend gone away

forgot my birthday.


Steam clean shower

armpits hair shaven

pluck eyebrows extreme.


Lady garden trim

perfumed face cloth

rub all over.


Perfectly painted nails

sexy red hot

mirrored delight awaits.


The tattooed dragon

above lady navel

girl on fire.


Text for pizza

tanned young Peter

please s...

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Extra spicy please send round


Sitting there reading a book,
She looks so beautiful,
She's Lost in a fantasy world
I'm lost for words,
The air is cool,
Not cold
But cool enough to justify her oversized jacket,
She bites her nails,
Must be a cliffhanger,
Cars drive by
She doesn't break from the lines
Cars drive by I can't look away
She's lost in a fantasy world
I'm lost in her


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Where We Live Today

With so much hurt and hatred prevalent in society,
It seems like crimes such as murder, rape, and kidnapping might be
Everyday cliches surrounding us entirely.
I feel as if no other news is ever happening,
Everywhere I look, murder has become fashion internationally.
Especially in America, 'Land of the free, Home of the brave.'
Technically, just tellin ya, it's the land of the creeps, home o...

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The Twelve Steps of Poets Anonymous


Many of you know that I suffer from mental health issues that have in the past led me to a dark place. Things are somewhat better for me these days due to the encouragement of fellow sufferers and of course, being in therapy.

My therapist’s name is Julian. He is a nice man, younger than me, good looking with a job that pays well. He wears nice chinos and sweaters, and drives a Land Rover...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

Two Magpies Dead | Bound for Glory |

The Island of the Dead

Under the soft snow of Alabama

They let him hang from a tree

To tell them “no one messes with Mary Lee”


In a classroom 50 miles south they picked on María Guadalupe.

And made her lick pee


At a special school they broke off for tea, went back to their dormitories

And saw Steve Jane and others too burnt to see


In the Island of the dead

They made America cremate...

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tump inaugaration

our flow

You are the song to my dance, the rhythm that i follow, you leave my heart full, it never feels hollow, so come take my hand, you are my magic man, let this music guide us for its our blooming romance.

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Also by Myescape:

Christmas cheer | Night out | Cold night | Open heart gift | Jealousys hold |

You'll always be with me

entry picture

Lonely. Cold. The air is thick, and it’s hard to see; the weather, or my mind? It’s 3am and here we are again. I know I’ll see you in my dreams once I close my eyes, then wake up drenched in sweat, and ponder on what you’re trying to tell me for the rest of the day. How do I get to you now? I always find you in my dreams, but why am I still searching for you? You’ve given me your all since the day...

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"I trust you" you said
The scars you left are burned deep in my heart
The pain won't go away
Your words, your touch, once loving and warm became calculated and detached
Doubt, fear and shame took hold of you
You lost faith 
You saw no way out of where you were
No way but to run away from me 
You never believed I could be real, that we could be real...
That it was too good to be real


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Once the chair is Broken

Once the chair is broken

It’s legs are broken

Just like my heart

It’s splinters are poking out of the wood

Just like my appearance

That’s what catches them right?

What brings them to shout.

To laugh.

To point.

But I just don’t get it.

Why do they do this?

Why do they judge me like that!

Can’t they see I’m broken too!

He says they’re just joking.

Just go al...

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Music Over Water

Sleepless he walked beneath the wakeful sky;

a bright true crowd he saw - and envied them,

that in long life burn, and lone ease lie,

or fellowship gather; each silent gem


cheering the blindness that envelops us -

here for a blinking eye, a stolen dream.

Then suddenly there came - breaking the hush -

sweet music drifting on a nearby stream,


accosting him through b...

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Also by Chris Laverty:

A Nocturnal Wandering | Fallen Days | L'Eremita | Abyss Of Doubt |

music over still waters poem chris laverty

We Were Wallpapers

we were not the flavors 

of a beautiful painting,


but rather, the starched sheet

of an endless wallpaper

stranded in a cyclical design

that we drew ourselves,


unable to cling to the walls for a lifetime.

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Also by Tristan Ayran:

That Which Holds All | Footprints in the Sand | War and the Universe | The Way Back | Album of the Sea |


R. City - Locked Away (Lyric Video) ft. Adam Levine

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v98cFsRXi8I... The song peers into the anxieties and insecurities in many relationships—can love survive the most devastating circumstances? I honestly love this song with all my heart because it connects the listener(s) with their real life problems. Im gonna be honest real quick- I feel jealous when my boyfriend Luther talks to girls, even tough those girls are hi...

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Also by Ebonaya Smallwood:

TORY LANEZ - LUV | ‘Sing’ falls a little flat |

A little bit of me in pics

entry picture

A little bit of me in pics:  http://mariatosti.wixsite.com/mariatosti/galleria




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Is this me

when I look in the mirror

I don't always like what I see

because I see a reflection of me 

I ask myself is this really who I am 

people tell me to love myself for who I am 

but I hope you know I'm not my biggest fan

I probably made 600 wrongs  for every 1 right 

and how often do I try to pick a fight 

is this really me 

it once was not 

where will I go

my life is t...

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entry picture

A woman of many beliefs 

Never believed you would be the one

That understood all of her

Took many do overs to believe that she could love someone else

That she could understand someone else

Believing in the greater good of a man 

This man

Her man

Believing in trust

Believing in opportunity 

Believing in communication

Believing in the art of loving

A sista that ...

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Also by Saniya:

Coliea...A Warrior | Little Girl... Big Mess |


entry picture

Can't really say why
Have this sudden pleasure everytime
I want to rinse my heart
Take all that that is stored out
Leave one that is slowly overtaking
I'm fully overwhelmed by guilt and pleasure
This thing taking ownership of my heart
I hate loving it
Keeps me on my toes, uncomfortable
I don't like the chase
This thing causes exactly that
I'm not going to act on it.

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Also by Pfunzo Badane:

A Hero Has Fallen | Find me |

Bottom Trumps


To U.S.A.

a travelling circus came

it brought unintelligent sycophant

the Trump was his name


U.S. electorate packed a punch

and said hello to the circus.

In it came with a trumpety trump;

trump trump trump


The head of the herd’s appalling.

SAD tweets every day. He

festered by night under u.v. light.

U.S. road to dire decay.



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perfect times

entry picture

This is called a perfect time ..
go away and vanished
it is like heart rhythm in the silence that began to break your mind
it not the same ..it is apparent

I called it a perfect time
when I tried to reach out with my empty hands
when twilight sky suddenly sheds painful memories.

tell me ...
it is not the same
it is not real ...



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Paddy whacked so perfectly into prisms



Spit to fill the sput, please.



I sit in a rotunda

And you look slightly puzzled

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Love swells my heart like buds in the Spring

How can love go so wrong?

We shone like the space station in the sky.

Her gentle eyes, hers soft sweet skin were like winning the lottery to me

Her rose bud lips, her leaf soft hair

We walked like deer across the hills

How can love go so wrong?


I had a wife but now she’s dead. She was like a fire for me,

 When she went, I felt the cold, the empty rooms all alone.



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Also by jane wilcock:

Conversations in the rain | No need to get high cos I'm trippin on love |


Like Fire in the Sky

Like fire in the sky,

you and I, try- 

try to make sense of our uncertain state,

not like the comet, highlighted with brilliant streaks of white,

nor like the falling star, though beautiful in its own right- too brief to be appreciated,

But with such shift of subtle gleam, whose to say it will ever pass?

I wish it not so

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Also by Kyle:

My Great Story Teller |

My Thoughts Are Stars

"My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations." - John Green

They all glow with varied fury
with raging heat, emitting light
Each a small piece of a story
or a character in the night

Some will capture brief attention
as they streak across my sky
Dipping in and out of focus
fleeting past my mind’s dull eye

A few twinkle in sheer beauty
in buoyant reds and white...

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