The People

There is a place

For the people by the people

But who are the people

We are the people

You are the people

The people that drown and float

Who laugh and cry

Who spit and die

All in the name of the people

Who are not

We are the people who stand up and count

Who dare to put our heads

On the block

Above the parapet

Who will be a target

For the people without a voice

Aren’t we?


We are the people who hit against the wall

Knock down the fence

Who smash the glass of indifference

We are the people disenfranchised

Who carry the vote

Who sit up and listen

Who watch and pray

Who stand the line

We are the people who do not forget

We are the people for the people

Black brown yellow red

And white

Aren’t we?

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Martin Elder

Wed 1st Feb 2017 21:46

Hi elp
I am always grateful for your comments because I know they will be well thought out and considered. Which I think highlights for me that we need to all carefully think for ourselves about what we really feel as our reaction to any given situation and I am trying to pose my own thoughts and reactions against populist prejudices. history continues to remind us everyday how easy it is get sucked into anything that hasn't been well thought out and considered.
we need to stir each other on occasion to stop and consider
Thanks again for your comments and reading

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Tue 31st Jan 2017 21:10

Hello, Martin,

They say anger can be a powerful tool for change. But, while we seem to never fall short on emotion, people can seem awfully quick to sacrifice proper foresight for the sake of group mentality. Anyhow, there are still people who manage to do what's right with neither the support of others nor the promise of reward.

To me, your piece brings up a great question about the meaning of personal integrity. We hear people say, "you never know what you would do in that situation." Well, for me, that's only a call not to judge others. But, I really believe that if you never ask yourself any tough questions and decide their answers, you may never get the opportunity to keep your own word and opt for the hard way. The hardest person to live with can be yourself.


sorry for getting off subject, but your poem did bring all of that up to me.

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Nigel Astell

Mon 30th Jan 2017 14:49

Inside a crowd
who is found
but the people
who now surround.

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