Say Yes to the Dress


Is it the one?

Do you say yes?

Will you chose it? 

Is it your dress?


Are you Cinderella?

Will you crash and burn?

Marrying the wrong man?

Will you ever learn?


I think I'll try another one.

Maybe fit and flare?

He cheated once

would he ever dare?  


Maybe a vintage dress?

You're living in the past.

It used to be good,

But will it always last? 


Lace is so pretty,

Knotted together tightly

Restricted, constricted,

Don't take your vows lightly. 


Slinky satin is slippery.

Your groom will he stay?

What if he leaves you

Just doesn't stay?


You caught your fish,

Let's net him in tulle,

Plenty more fish,

If he is a fool. 


A mermaid is the answer,

All fitted and tight,

With a silly tail,

Maybe not right. 


The dress doesn't matter,

It should be for love,

Make sure your prince,

Is the one that you love. 



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◄ Michelle

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Robert Mann

Thu 15th Jun 2017 15:44

Louise - I personally find this one a bit 'clunky', especially as I am made to endure the eponymous TV programme regularly in this household. God save us!

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Louise Hogg

Mon 23rd Jan 2017 20:25

Thanks both. It is very different from my usual style.
Thanks for your support.

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Little Bit

Mon 23rd Jan 2017 17:49

Love this.

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Mon 23rd Jan 2017 15:33

Lovely piece......Jeff

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