if only......

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if we could squeeze back

wasted life into the tube of time, to

give ourselves another chance to

re-live big moments and get it right, 

but, please, not be born again.....

if we could crack the code, and 

open the safe guarding the answers, to

give ourselves another chance to

find the way, the truth, the life and             

fulfillment (...whatever that means).....

if we could avoid the mistakes,

re-write wrongs, erase the pain and

give ourselves another chance to

work out what it's really all about, and

not fuck it all up again next time.....


if only......


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Travis Brow

Wed 18th Jan 2017 06:45

I share the sentiment Paul, but i can't help thinking that, given another go-round we'd make a fresh set of mistakes while attending to the first lot, and then wish for another and another chance, ad infinitum, which, i believe, is the basis of reincarnation (pace Colin); the idea that, eventually, we'll get it right. Nice thought...


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Paul Waring

Sun 15th Jan 2017 09:24

Now there's a thought.......! Thanks Suki for reading this and your kind comment.

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suki spangles

Sun 15th Jan 2017 07:52

Fair enough Paul, but think of this: if you cracked the code; never made a mistake, etcetera, you wouldn't have written this poem for us to enjoy!!

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Paul Waring

Sat 14th Jan 2017 23:18

Thanks so much gents for all your comments, very much appreciated.

Jeff, thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it and glad you're back, I've missed seeing you on here this past week!

Col, thanks as ever for your interesting comments. Hope the scampi, chips 'n' peas were tasty and also that your son had fun in the den last night!

Graham, thanks for the lovely succinct summary of this piece which, yes, is definately about regret but expressed in a slightly tongue in cheek fashion. Hope it worked!


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Graham Sherwood

Sat 14th Jan 2017 17:54

Regret, perfectly penned.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sat 14th Jan 2017 17:42

if only....

I often wonder - if we've all been reincarnated x many times why is it we have no recollection of our past lives? Seems such a con so I don't believe in it. But then again I don't believe in anything else either as all the eithers are cons too. IMO.

which brings me round to your 3rd line and the idea of doing bits of our lives again - there's stuff I'd do again and stuff I didn't do because I chickened out that deserves another shot but I don't think - given another chance - I'd work out what anything was all about other than that which I now know - which is next to nowt!

excuse me but I have scampi, chips 'n' peas to cook.

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Sat 14th Jan 2017 17:11

Song from my heart too......really enjoyed & rings true......Jeff

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