Kill Switch

Kill Switch



     Go on,

Go on and press it,

Press the damned switch and let it be done,

Let it all be done unto Earth as it is in heaven,

     As that’s what they preach

That’s what they preach!


     Where be my beloved Rachel,

Where does she go between the hours

My loins and longings no longer request her


A bar, the gymnasium for the perfects;

Maybe a church for Devine intervention.


     Does she pray I wonder,

Does she beckon Angels come release

Her from these dark satanic lands

For since the war,

Her brethren roam like rats

Feasting on organs of

What is left of human.



Press the switch Man,

Do the good thing and let

Nothing stop you from seeing,

Believing, recognizing and establishing

Dialogue with God,

Her God – My god –

It makes no difference to me.


     As long as,

As long as he knows

She won’t be here forever.


     She is perfect,

The architects must once have been

Dreamers of fine art and music,

Must have known the intensity

Of Mans desires and,

     The scars can be repaired

Once we reach the Corporation,

That is, that is, their organs

Have not already been robbed.


     Oh fuck it man,

Flick the switch she is not real,

She is not the embodiment of woman

She is barren, she is not capable but then,

Why, why bring life to this world

Where everything is cancerous

And nothing lasts

     ‘She will not last forever and nor I!’


Kill it,

Kill all of it,

Make no reference to her beauty

And destroy the false concubine,

Kill it all, all Mankinds

Grandiose gestures of Godlike

Forms, for,

     Her intellect teases

And I would be charmed by

Her lucidity but only if,

She recognized the Holocaust

Sealed our joint demise.


     Here in my lap,

The Browning nestles weighted

Against my flesh, flesh - the biology of man,

And I would shoot to maintain she be no others,

But her beauty be the profoundness

Of Mans creation now in death.


     And why do we create only to


Why did we give hope

Of Paradise in off world quarters

Only to blow this paradise,

This Earth?


Seven Billion Gone but

For Rachel and I,

But tonight I will die and she too –

The pyre already set and there can be no

Resistance, she is after all, AI


     This Dimension is done

My Gun ceasing the pain,

No Sun to declare a path

To heaven, just acid rain


     Here she is in the doorway,

Her shadow by false light

Touching the tool for declaring

Her deceased, and, she is smiling

So cold,  so cold - I am weakened for my death,

She is armed,

And I cannot take her beauty.


Michael J Waite 17th January 2017





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Tue 24th Jan 2017 01:24

Hi Juan,

Thank you for your words regarding this piece. I have to say if it's one thing I can do, it is making people think. Either they're thinking the work is awesome, or they're thinking the author is a complete and utter nutter. As long as people are enjoying the work one way or another though I shall persevere with my offerings. I have written quite a few works to music, alas only a handful of them are really enjoyable and the majority just passable at best. Spoken Word put to music is something I would like to see more of, and though some poets put up their work recitals, only a few attempt to put their work to music.

If you get the chance and you have music capability either through an instrument or a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) then please please give it a go. I would love to see more WoL members attempt it, as it is not as easy as all that in trying to create the mood of the written works. It is also quite creative and does give a certain amount of satisfaction when it does come together. If you feel I could give you any pointers in putting written work to music then give me a shout. I would be happy to help.

Thanks again for your comments. I really appreciate it.


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Juan Pablo Lynch

Tue 24th Jan 2017 00:21

This is superb. it leaves me in a daze. Not the type of poetry that I write but I'm inspired to try something like this thanks to your work. It is so mind boggling. It's the type of writing that leaves the reader wanting to read it again and again because they are puzzled about how they feel about it and their views on the themes addressed.
Thanks so much for sharing.

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Tue 17th Jan 2017 14:27

@ Colin Hill. Thank you Colin for your comment. I do try to be a little different. I don't always get feedback though because often my elaborations gain only some kind of perplexity. Perhaps I try too hard. Yet when I look back at some of the my works put to music I know they have improved greatly. Your feedback is very welcome though, as Wolfgar has observed himself, I very rarely gain any. Thank you again.

@ Wolfgar, Hello bud, long time since we caught up. This piece is very much inspired by current debate at the upper echelons of society. We are at present on the cusp of developing AI that can teach itself through experience etc etc. We are considering giving AI some kind of human rights. Yet in paradox we are also considering whether a Kill Switch should be enabled too. AI developments coinciding with current robotic capabilities will see the likes of Rachel soon to walk amongst us. If you remember back to the classic film, Rachel was the Tirrel Corporations most advanced replicant. So advanced she too (Rachel) did not know she was a replicant (but did suspect). I also considered how Man often loftily refers to the female of the species as sex objects (a vague reference to bondage in the line 'the scars can be repaired') and also the main characters take on Rachel's beauty defines this.

The main character is at a juxtapose and is devouring himself in brain argument, an internal dialogue that wants an end to the relationship while wanting to save her beauty in a post apocalyptic world where war has ravaged the Earth. There are several references to the film Blade Runner such as 'off world' and the use of the word 'corporation' as opposed to 'organisation.' All in all it is a piece giving thought both about AI and mans destructive ways while wanting so desperately to survive.

There are questions being asked as we have always asked that be centered around our relationship with Death.

Thank you for the feedback. Yes I have a little bit more kit than last we spoke. I have a moog sub 37. What an awesome synthesizer it is. I am still wanting to continue the thread of doing some work with you and hopefully in the Spring you may venture North again with a shed load of work to go through and put to music. It can work as we have proven in the past. Would be good to touch base with you again.

Thank you both for your feedback.



<Deleted User> (13762)

Tue 17th Jan 2017 08:15

terrific imagery, production and performance, grandiose in its apocalyptic scale and deliverance - quite different from the usual WoL offerings which is always good to see.

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