leap of faithfulness

Under pale moon I long for you, I would run, skip and leap, fast as the beat to the rhythm of my heart, if it would lead me to where I must be, through darkness abyss, with hunger for your kiss, where I’d tread, trespassing barb wire fence, reckless and free, like flickering fire, I’d take every chance for you, my one true desire.

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I silence my violence by submitting to him, over the knee is where I need to be, perched on his lap, his favorite sight to see.

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Close to the heart

I’m a little ways a way and caught In a daze, I still feel your love on me, provoking me, in every flicker and beat, it radiates the heat my car gives away, I’m not that far away but I’m not as close as I’d like to be, so in my absence I give you poetry  ❤️ 

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September is for lovers

September is for lovers, I find comfort in the covers cuddled up next to you, maybe too much so because sometimes I even drool, dancing on the couch and watching tv, I love the way you lay your eyes on me, holding hands and taking walks, you're always laughing at my mismatched socks, with you I know I will always feel good enough.

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Sweet sorrowful sparrow

I’m a poet, a dreamer, a non believer, the girl who’s always smiling, belly full of laughter, sweetness by nature, but at the same time a total disaster, the heart broken heart breaker.

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You’ve been on my mind a lot, you’ve stained my lips with desire, my passion burns so bright like a room filled with fire, I can’t pretend I’m over you, head over heels at best, I’m holding on to the thought of us and maybe this is all just a test..

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Self doubt

Im not skinny, while other girls are dimes, im a penny, I have my shine, tho its not brand new, im worth something, but only to those distracted by whats shiny, I'm far from tiny or petite, my waist line is repulsive to some and somedays that someones me, I may never be enough, I've had it made, and have survived when times grew tough, not given up, I just grow bitter when i see my fluff, even if ...

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no more repeats.

I dont want things that remind me of you, i dont want to catch feelings that stick like glue, your love is the past, went down hard and fast, toxic but a blast, ill run like hell, but still ill wish you well, thanks for setting me free because now i finally believe in me.

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lovers part


you took me to the happiest places,

i found peace in letting go, you taught me more than you'll ever know, the more time goes by, the more i grow, I'll never lose the memories, You grew tired of me, what you once loved became a nuance, I'll always be confused of this, I love myself more than you ever could have,tho even when you had the best of me we fought like enemies, not settling anyth...

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To love is to suffer

His words twist into my heart, in bold letters they tear me apart, leaving my eyes bright and green, I can't hold back the tears, I'm not trying to fight, expressing my feelings is damaging, he takes it wrong and here comes the sting, I guess love isn't meant for me, no matter how sweet I can be.

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Heart breakbattlebullying

big hearts

Big hearts can take a lot of hurt, emotional people are often the ones kicked in the dirt, we dig our own graves by the love that we crave, for what its worth, the good die young, so my suffering is almost up.

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Borderline personality disorder: the splitting

The darkness within comes from my twin pulls apart the good and let's my emotions win, a diagnosed Gemini, going through phases of tears and bright eyes, there's no medication for borderline, with lots of love and self doubt, tempted to break things and shout but some days are for the better while others I can't pull myself together, a case that just won't close, oh how this just comes and goes, I...

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Borderline personalityBPD

Stress madness

Stress is a gun to your head, even tho I'm dead inside, I'm not after that lead, got too many problems to dread, too much going on, and still nothing right has been said.

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Roses are red violets are blue ah just kidding that's not how I start off a poem for you, you hair is like silk, your lips like no other, your eyes they give off a sensation of wonder, a true work of art, you are the kaleidoscope piece to my heart, for your love is shiny, colorful, and always brand new, I'm your sweet loving pet but you're just as loyal and true. 

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Accepting flaws

I'm not scared of my flaws and why should I be, they are apart of me, they tell their own stories, they are unique, perfection is an unobtainable goal to reach,  this body shields the soul inside of me, preserving it's beauty along with everything I will and can be, in my next life, another one I will keep, with new flaws from beginning to ending.

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Carvings of my heart rot on the floor, what was once as fresh as a flower is now shriveled up and sore, I've always been broken but now I am more than ever before, these words they echo again and again ramblings of a mad man run through my head, cutting off the oxygen of my happiness, alas, if I can break past this, I'll find it again

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Even if the rain won't settle, and there's no where to go, I just want you to know.. I'm fine with that, being with you is more than enough to get me through the storm and all it's might, I'll have you to hold me tight and the weather outside is all we'll have to fight. 

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Missing You (for my love)

I'd hold you close but you're not here, longing for you I shed a tear,the bedsides cold, my hands are too, If you were near I'd reach for you, the night sky is black but mostly blue,like how I feel when I'm missing you

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romancelovesad poem

our flow

You are the song to my dance, the rhythm that i follow, you leave my heart full, it never feels hollow, so come take my hand, you are my magic man, let this music guide us for its our blooming romance.

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Christmas cheer

Candy canes, mistletoe, and little flakes of snow 
Toasts to be givens, marsh mellows that float on cocoa, smiles are spread and stories are told, this time of year you should never feel alone 

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Night out

Drops of night crash into the sky, bye bye daylight, no more sunlight, say goodnight, darkness falls, the stars stand tall to shine, the artist hour has arrived, imagination now is at its all time high.  

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Cold night

As he held her tight, she knew no better place she could be, engulfed in one as remarkable as he.. Pausing In awe breathlessly, Nuzzled his chest most gently wanting never to flee, "you have my love, you own my key, I trust in you with all my most precious little time I have to be".   

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Open heart gift

I like to show that I'm trying, I give you the proof so you know I'm not lying, you've had it bad before, leaving your heart slightly torn, I'll put on my nurse uniform and cure you like no ones done before

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romancetogetherFeel good

Jealousys hold

Unhealthy thoughts they form and sworm inside my head, they all are of you and the things you never did or said, guided by jealousy, the short leash tightens on me, I'm wanting it to rip off my head, in bed at night alone, staring at my blank cell phone, the thought what you could be doing fills me with dread, they say trust is a must, I never understood all that fuss, oh I wish these thoughts wou...

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