Inscrutable Intentions

Put on your red dress
And your party shoes.
Set your hair and make-up,
I've got plans for you.
Somewhere south of forever,
And east of do or die
I have harnessed the four winds
And told them by and by
I'd have you coming round
For a bit of give and take;
So get your good self ready,
Because tonight the dead will wake.
Perfect your perfect curtsy,
And with no undue aplomb
Measure your measure of elegance:
It's time to get it on.
You'll find no empty settings
In the grand reception hall,
No loose, unguarded exits,
For I have sealed them all.
I've emptied all the coffers,
No dime has gone unspent;
This time is just for you,
You are the main event.
Your quiet contemplation,
Though endearing it may be,
Has left you fairly blinded
To the things that you could see;
So put your reservations down
Upon the silver salver,
No better day than yesterday
To come down from your bower.

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