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She said she wanted to go home

he replied "not now"

The look on her face

said there was more 

going on than just her words

were they fighting

was she just tired

She put her fork down

and gazed out the window

He continued to eat

like he did not notice 

her needs

With no words

she got up and went

to the ladies room

He took out his cell phone

and began texting

So distant they were

like this was a dance

they often engaged in

I had to leave so I did 

not see the conclusion

But was left wondering

how do people

get to that place

Where their relationship

is taken for granted

Where the light they saw

in each others eyes

dies out...

By Lynn Hahn






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lynn hahn

Wed 1st Feb 2017 19:02

Ahhh OK thanks Ray

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Wed 1st Feb 2017 16:40

HI Lynn. I actually meant the word scan (almost conversational) that works well. As for the image, I like it , it has a simplicity and directness . All good!

Ray x

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lynn hahn

Wed 1st Feb 2017 06:07

You mean the drawing Ray?

That was tough for me. I do impression art. It looked bad in color...just kept working with it then went...Heck...let's try black and white...boom worked lol

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Tue 31st Jan 2017 21:50

Excellent scan to this Lynn, and just takes you with it. A really feminine take and a dynamic one . Clever title too.
The texting and fiddling with phones is a real turn off - unless of course its picture messages of private parts, but that's not a relationship nor is it sexy quite frankly.
The poem speaks to me of immaturity too...

Ray x

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lynn hahn

Tue 31st Jan 2017 04:00

Thank you Trevor! It's just too true. So often I see a whole family on their cell phones texting instead of talking. I know mine tries to lol. I won't have it. I am a chatter box. They love me tho so all is in good jest.

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Trevor Alexander

Tue 31st Jan 2017 00:23

Times change. Time was people would talk to each other. Now they sit side by side and play on their phones!

Nicely observed piece.

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