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i don’t belong to you

No privacy 

Stealing pieces that belong to me 

When you come home I pretend to sleep 

Not feeling at peace a little uneasy

Consumed by the fear of leaving

-Micro possessive it’s the little things that send a big message

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Same feelings

Nervous wreck In self defense 

saying you feel the water up to your neck 

all the things you can’t forget 

washed up memories of what’s left

burning in the fire to resurrect in the flesh anxious cigarette breathe

never mind the burning in my chest

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I’m not in love

Lonely heart open ache melting brain 

filling my insides with smoke so I forget my name 

I only wanted love but I ended up driving myself insane 

my life is good I can’t complain except when I look into past mistakes 

Stuck in the memories sealing my fate

Growing up i was happy in a tragic way 

Fallen behind collecting shame 

I fell in love with a different person everyday to ...

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Heavy eyes catch the light I’m done with fights 
help me synthesize 
Shifting lies
Something you can’t see between the lines
Hiding behind my own demise 
Constant fear builds inside 
Strike my pride 
This isnt the love I’ve been waiting for all my life

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He said she’s got a thing for musicians and leaving them speechless

don’t smother her with kisses she’ll loose interest and check it off her to do list 

She’s ruthless stealing arrows from cupid

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