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Doggy Delight


Excited yips, the 3 o’clock pips,

Eager eyes, tennis-ball surprise,

Scampering paws, expectant jaws,

Open door, a bolt into the fore,

The cool crisp air, breathed without care,

The deep green grass, quivers as I pass.


Into the sky, the bright green blob doth fly,

A blur of fur, barks and yaps slur,

A frenzied pursuit, of tennis ball loot,

Grass sent flying, gro...

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doggy whimsyrarity

This Place


This building, this monument to my demise

This place supplanted for working I have come to despise


This battleground of angst and stress

Its tendrils tear down and barriers undress


My everything lies broken upstairs in my mind

My hopes and my dreams like dust from the grind


A warzone where many face few

An enemy within each day anew


My brain I’ll ca...

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As yet untitled


Sometimes we’re only supposed to look and not see

But each of us is, as we are supposed to be


If it wasn’t for you

And if it wasn’t for me


Then our meeting would never have come to pass

You are loved for being you, no buts nor alas


So little do you know that so much of me has changed

You saw through my defences, over years they had aged


So grateful ...

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chance encounterfleeting moments


My faults are many, my problems few

Perhaps too many I tell, but just not you

Through rifts and valleys I suppose you were there

Mostly too self absorbed was I, neglecting to care

I see that now, I will see it still

In years to come when I am old and ill

Troubled am I with a past I cant change

Weary am I with thoughts of mumbling rage

Sorry to say I have let so much slip...

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Only For You

Life is precious beyond compare

Even though I no longer see you standing there


What couldn’t I help but miss?

Thoughts abound how it’s come to this


Alone and confused

Feeling mentally abused


The twinkle in your eye

That lit up the sky


The smile across your lips

That warmed me to my finger tips


The look you gave to me

That set my heart free


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Weekend Wanderer

Weekend Wanderer


A buffeting breeze smashes the cobwebs from befuddled braincells


As the sun glints off gleaming chrome, many a mile away from home

As the flies embed in grins miles wide, over hill and tor, past idling tide


The sights, the sounds the scenery abounds

The sensations the feeling the tyres a squealing


My company on this voyage of spee...

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In memory



Emerald greens

Forgotten dreams


Bacchic delight

Morning plight


Friendlier strangers

Drunken wagers


Calmer living

Always giving


Fantastic craic

Guinness attack


Beautiful island

My Ireland


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being as ghazals have been on the menu of late...


Like the fire she burns

Leaving embers behind


Like the fire she burns

Labouring sparks in minds


Like the fire she burns

Leaving hearts a flutter


Like the fire she burns

Lamenting lips stutter


Like the fire she burns

Lest cold souls forget


Like the fire she burn...

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Gently fingers tracing my spine

Lips crashing together

Bodies locked, intertwined


Her hair wild un-tamed

Her fervour so frenzied

Yet somehow restrained


Gliding against one another

Glistening bodies so rapt

Groans refusing to the smother


Pupils agape, dilated

Long days gone by

In expectation they waited


Greased in moti...

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love passion

One night



Your fingers trickle down my spine

As our warm bodies writhe entwined


Never has there been a feeling like this

Emotions electric past memories remiss

Villainous it maybe, passions soar

Even just once both will crave more

Rousing murmurs bodies aching, sore


Keen desires satiate fantasies base

Now and forever hearts embrace

Only the nigh...

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In task


The taste of iron

Dampens the pallet

Artistry like no other

Skilled in execution


Adversities fate lies

Upon blank canvas

Vapid and untamed

Open yet foreboding


The glint in his being

A means of portrayal

Characteristic in task

Chill in finite result


In wake strides on

Stepping o’er past

Histories bedding

False my...

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The pen is mightier than the sword ?


He withdrew his weapon

Prepared for battle

Lest he forget just what

He was fighting for


Steeled his nerve

Gritted his teeth

Gazed skyward asking

For the right to succeed


He never started this war

Yet compelled to finish

What was thrust upon him

His mettle to the test


The foe was sizeable

Yet human in form

Skilled in...

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Polished mystery intrigues my gaze

Lost am I in encapsulated haze


So sweetly occurring

My heart strings stirring


A haven of sincerity

Such beauty a rarity


My heart flutters

My brain stutters


Your angelic in aura

As sweet as any flora


From the north you may hail

Yet my heart has still set sail

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The Scream


As I stand in isolation

Twisted in my anguish

My body contorts with the horrors

Taking over my mind

My hands cup my pulsating head

As if to stop it bursting

Face painted in blatant agitation

Eyes stained with terror


Lost am I

In my sea of blackened abandon

Clawing tendrils of water

Sting my furrowed brow


The ravenous seas seem to...

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Bastardized tribulations of a betrayed soul

A carnal thirst for uncorrupted flesh

Soulful and forlorn the desires effervesce

Enthralled by her quarry she lusts tearfully


Deformed ideals limp across an entombed apperception

Enlisted with evil yet loyalties remain torn

Serendipitous in origins preordained in future

In frenzied response on humans ripos...

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Insomniacs Ball


Drip follows drop as tick follows tock in my world of wakefulness

Every noise heightened, amplified vividly

Every wandering thought the most important you ever had

The air thick with stale sleepless breath choking the drowsiness

The walls loom expectantly around entombing your mattress of woe

Your quilt suffocates and smothers the sleep from the air

Encased in a cr...

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Is time a manmade entity?

Or was it existing long before?

Was it not moving on quite naturally?

Before we saw the need to manage it

Every 6 months society dictates

We play god with the most

Uncontrollable of forces

Mans fascination with

Control and power


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a moment in time


As I gaze deep into open skies

Longing for a moonlight kiss in the milky darkness

A myriad of stars soften the overhead plain

Pin pricks in vast tapestry, luminosity burning through

Encapsulated by the serenity of being

The artwork of night blessed with light, seeping through the horizon

All around is placid and calm

Pick out the trickle and ebb of water in the...

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As far as the eyes will let me

I see loneliness

Gnawing away at my consciousness

Tripping the switch to abject lows

Epic in proportion


Trying to reach a plateau that cant be reached

Gone is the hope

Alone are my emotions

A freak in a cage prowling back and forth

Bearing teeth at those who near


If music be the food of love I hear nothing


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Starlight Over The Rhone


Our stars stood on the bank of the Rhone atop a grassy knoll

The night was the lead on this serendipitous stroll


Our stars looked down upon them with fondness and delight

The evening witness to this wonderous hour pre midnight 


Colours seeking such magnificence gaining the rivers gaze

Like shining hearts of heaven streaming through the haze



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Skinned knees

Tall trees


Scuffed shoes

Many a bruise


The first kiss

Curfews to miss


School days

The suns blaze


Where did it all go wrong?

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transgressions of a furious mind


I gaze vacantly, hopefully nodding and grunting in all the right places so as not to lengthen the tirade of mindless idiocy, pitter pattering upon my beleaguered ears, Surely its obvious about my intent to save more brain cells from sleeping to death?

Could anyone be so stupid or unaware?


I feel it more with each beat, a volatile uprising within, bubbling rage at such blissf...

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the ghoul


a little experimental for me but i welcome your thoughts people thanks in advance.


With blistering shrills the wraith made its presence known

Ashen, misty white this shadow of life lay before me

No eyes gazed upon me but torn holes in reality

Behind with obsidian blackened foreboding imprinting itself upon all

An essence of fear gripped the core of my being


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inspired by a painting by goya a favourite of mine, enjoy.



Blackened must hung in the frenetic air, unnerved into quivering frenzy

A haze of moisture filled the dank arena, every minute droplet bearing witness

Dreary and silently foreboding, the light was fearful to enter


Even the walls shed their masks unveiling ashen and soulless facades

Ventured forth an...

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that night


Twisted metal carnage gleaming in the moonlight

Tick-click, tick-click, tick-click

Crimson ooze gathers and streams down the tarmac

Tick-click, tick-click, tick-click

Like spent matches lying disfigured and discarded they lie slain

Tick-click, tick-click, tick-click

Stars twinkle back upon fractured glass

Tick-click, tick-click, tick-click

An orange beacon flicks to an...

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Growing inside of me I feel its form taking shape
Day by day this fresh new life grows inside of me
Taking nourishment from its parent as only a new life should
Soon this creation of brilliance within me will fill my thoughts in every waking hour
Forming peacefully within, wrapped in the comfort blanket of my body

I feel within me a presence growing but know not of how I feel as yet
A state of shock I ...

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The living dead

Crafted spatters of sacred blood reflect off the moodShards of self litter my crotaline proclivitiesDark night casts a “light” across my field of blindnessEmotions dare to tread the graveyard of my mindEarthen souls leech my thoughts from within me Ruminations of hatred peck at my cadaver, gaining passengersBarbed are the petals of truth that come to rest on my headSworn are my enemies into the de...

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