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That Clear Day

& I stroked her leg she said stop yer giving me sensations

I faltered at her temptations

Smoked a cigarrette

Burnt my regret

An offering I overplay

& I saw the clouds roll in on a clear day


& I’m hurt

& I’m torn

& I’m ragged 

I’m alone

& I Iead myself on

With no fucking collar on

A walk round the block

No bags big enough to pick up the shit that I drop


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Soft Silence

Heart stops to hear her breath

Starts on soft silence

AED, full Volts, clear!

Empty shadows hold now no fear


Soft silence busies away without a look

So easy in each other's arms

Mind & body duality 

Returns as a singularity 


Soft silence spreads its distractions 

Pours fuel on warm embers

Bursts into something personal

let it burn, chain reaction, irrever...

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We're Doing No Wrong

Feel that twinge 

Scratch that itch 

Lost in this moment

Between her thighs 

No shortchange


Fuck Polytheism, monotheism 

I want to feel it now

Death, illness

Acts of God....fuck that

Today's for the living 


Pornography obsession 

Sins of the flesh?

Stone yer daughters

Excommunicate sons

Female circumcision 


Who needs an after life


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Another Worlds Timeless Hell

Another worlds timeless hell

Superstition, aggression to sell

Swords issue non-compromise

The world you want to ostracise


Under stones you leave the victim

Twisted heinous evil system

Wedlock secures no retribution

For both a stay of execution 


Operate in pure self-deception

Live in the past no progression

No parallels with humanity

Your abstract world of...

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Devil Has The Advantage

Tears so cold felt like snow
Just happy they aren't mine
Selective advantage
Can I steal your life to stay young?
Want to ruin yer lipstick, not yer mascara
Lips downturn & eyes asking why
Say something, say something
Thoughts run through my mind like an hour glass
Brooding clouds bring premature darkness
No sunset today
On yer knees difficult to face your fears
Follow your fears, you k...

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Am I The Only One Drinking?

Inside my own killing jar

No special social influence

Nobody to convince

Just reminisce



Wanna do something with someone

No-one gotta be here

Step inside fear

Another beer



Sold to the highest bidder

Gavel smash! bought author

Emotional introvert pauper

Reality dodger



Music transports I can feel

Gotta let your...

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Goodwill & The Mountain

entry picture

The Top


Milky Way lights to tell me the city has passed

Urban drumbeats, overflowing mind now miscast

One sided & demanding cold & unforgiving

Any mountain seduces with disbelieving 


The Middle


Mountains & hardship always encourage humanity

Commeradery, unselfishly giving with mental impunity 

A counterattack on what's unimportant, what's hollow

A way to g...

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Cooking With Mother

You'll need following ingredients:
1 female Homo Sapien pond life
1 male Homo  Sapien pond life*
1 bottle of Lambrini or cheap Prosecco
30 lambert & Butler or 10g Amber leaf rolling tobacco 
Fag papers
1 bottle of Red Square vodka
1 bottle Diet Coke
1/2g coke
Jeremy Kyle show plus audience of suitable misery parasites 
KFC bargain bucket

*if pond life not available any idiot...

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I'm Ready

Bargained for less

Settled for more


Woke up 

Smile on my face

It was her's

No more trepidation 

No more masturbation.


..................I'm ready

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My Unfavorite Things

entry picture

Helps if you know the tune.....maybe 

Apologise to Julie Andrews plus Rodgers & Hammerstein fans in advance 

Brown stains on undies
And whiskers on ladies
4g fun vacuums & screaming babies
Cunnilingus, then finding a string!
These are a few of my unfavorite things

Allah n Jesus, Scientology & Krishna 
Jehovahs on doorbells  
On planes farty smells
Pointless Vivisection, no cure it ...

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172800 Seconds In A Life

Two more days
Arms ready
Stand steady
Two more days

Two more days
Can't sleep
Gone appetit
Two more days

Two more days 
Gifts bought 
Heart caught
Two more days

Two more days 
Diet worked 
Gym un-shirked
Two more days 

Two more days
Victoria's Secret
What a portrait 
Two more days

Two more days
Clock watching
Cock twitching
Two more days

Two more days
Leave off...

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We're Doing No Wrong

Feel *that* twinge 
Scratch *that* itch 
Lost in this moment
Between her thighs 
No shortchange

Fuck Polytheism, monotheism 
I want to feel it now
Death, illness
Acts of God....fuck that
Today's for the living 

Pornography obsession 
Sins of the flesh?
Stone yer daughters
Excommunicate sons
Female circumcision 

Who needs an after life
Fuck you n yer dead virgins
I'm doing no...

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What a Waste

A moment teetering; between pity & loathing 
A moment to reflect 
A moment watching 

A moment  I could control; just out of reach
A moment to assemble words
A moment of slurred speech 

A moment to hold a hand; to say I care
A moment to whisper lets go fuck
A moment to giggle n stare

A moment I knew was there; a certain clarity
A moment I didn't take 
A moment near an event horizon...

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Next Time

Glass slipper doesn't fit

I'll carry on cleaning the same

To be honest Cinderella Charming 

............Is a fucking dumb name

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What Do Yer Say?

Let me see what you can see

Let me be yer honey bee

Put me can into yer can-can

Let me be yer superman 


Let me shop for yer knickers

Without giving you the jitters

Let my heart skip a beat

Let me sweep you off yer feet


Feeling comfy from the start

Even with yer fanny fart

Put me ink into yer biro

A mediocre superhero 

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1 in 50

A simple man, now bold

Touched the hand of God

Sampled by a man of the cloth

A lesser man, a sloth

I’m not taken aback no more

I’m simply taking it back to before  

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Serial Killer Butchers

Met two guys at a punk gig in a pub

Daughter was driving, was drinking 7 Up

Stood at the bar - pint in hand 

Idle chit-chat, waiting for the band

Minding our own, then this guy did blurt

We do that - pointed at me shirt

Printed on me shirt a Tobe Hooper massacre

Texas chainsaw - leatherface, abattoir 

Redefined horror - slasher, maniacs the lot

Oddball family - teenage s...

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Breakfast at Dictionaries

Took breakfast with a big word

Onomatopoeia, like it a lot

Snap, Crackle n Pop! 

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The Day They Took Me Foreskin

entry picture

******Mild Adult Content**********



It happened too quick, I was laid in bed

Skin tightened up, garrotted the head

Said to the Ex "look at that... Gawd blimey"!

Best get to the Docs, looks like dried calimari


I said I'd leave it , being a man

Mistake, mistake, said the ambulance man

Thought it was ok to fiddle with it

Couldn't get it back over....Jesus!...oh s...

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Books Down Children

Outdated archaic text

No updated solutions 

Guns, clickerty click 

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They Said, I Said, She Said

I said my girls from Kenya

They said "why" 

I said I like her 


They said shes black

I said I know

I'd noticed that


They said date yer own type

I said what

You mean white?


They said have respect 

I said we do

Yer right, that's correct 


They said what yer got to share ?

I said lots

Laughter, company, we don't care


They said it'll ...

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Man Vs Mountain

****Slight Adult Content*****


Off to the dark continent, I've something to do

In the footsteps of Dr. Livingstone, Tarzan & crew

Intrepid explorer, hope the monkeys do behave

Not dragged off, to be made a reluctant simian sex slave 

Cousin Louie, yer can get ter fuck

I'm not that way inclined.......yer out of luck

I'm not the King of the swingers, please!, not today!


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Going Now

For my daughter. 24, born with autism, kicking it's arse everyday. Now moved out into assisted accomodation....& loving her little bit of independence - place not the same without her. 


Thought it'd be Peter Pan forever 

Brave new world, brave together


Counts gone, Independence Day 

Back at weekends, I hear you say?


Bare room, bed & departed belongings 

Stepped ins...

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Don't Treat Me Like Me

Broke my heart, lost the door

Finger tips momentarily touched

Float away without an oar


Don't tell me you understand

Just offer a permanent hand

Don't trivialise my condition

Please, please, please be  "that" physician

Don't tell me you've had the same

Rubbish my feelings, hand me the blame

Don't tell me I've ruined the day

I'm sorry, it just won't go away


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My Gay Mates

*******Warning Extreme Adult Content*******

Speaking as a fundamental full blown heterosexual....

In a bar in Spain met a geriatric gay couple
Camper than camping, & far from supple 
With two straight dogs n a dodgy heart
Busted sphincter, never heard his fart
A few more coconut flavored drinks
My curiosity grows, & shyness shrinks
I enquire about what their sort did in bed
He turn...

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Adult content.....

Not the Man I Used to Be

Hailed as a hero to all
That don't know him
A harvestman, of porcelain
Collective picture of me
Identify & catch the fall

Dealing in lies
The joker has no hand
No full house, empty pair
Cards are for tricks
Slight of hand, baffled eyes

Desiccating words 
That dry my soul 
Spat out, shat out
From my own mouth
A truth? not unheard

Shackled myself down
Bound in false words

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Social Media Studies

Safety of a keyboard
Megaphone at your finger tips
You describe your philosophy
In glourious, tedious details
Silent your lips

Trawl the media, type the spite
Big man, big M.A.N
Big girl, well D.O.N.E
Dumb on a smart phone
7000 friends?, I'm no fan

Off with their heads
Leave me my thumb!
Culturally empty
Narcissistic vanity tool
Social? human? scum! 

So dead you don't even 

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Stop the bullying

My Show

Enduring mystery
Where sadness meets 
........It's ends 
Rather have something 
........I don't want
Than nothing at all
........A traveller 
Without destination

This is my show
With my rules
My mistakes
My ownership
Along for the ride
I just want to go

A traveller 
With a destination

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My Prison

I’m laid in my room

Nothing, no sound

The silence is deafening

I don’t want to wake up

Alone anymore



Raven, please

Come knock

Upon my door

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A Day for a Life

A day in a life
A life for a day
I pray..........
Give me one more day

Woke up early
Panic attack, head reeling
Reeling, pleading
I pray..........
Give me one more day

Jumbled, confused
Should have written it down
Pitiable, clown
I pray..........
Give me one more day

Feel like I'm dying twice
Both body & mind
Lost, can't find
I pray..........
Give me one more day

Got to ...

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A Butterfly Flaps its Wings

A butterfly flaps its wings
Some other place he sees what it brings
Two distant lands
Takes both her hands

Choose a place at the pane
Steals a look, says the same
Two distant lands
Two distant sands

Find a flower, harvest the seeds
Plant then forget to water it's needs
Two distant lands
Two distant hands

A butterfly flaps its wings
Some other place he sees what it brings
Two di...

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failed relationship

The Cuckoo & the Fledgeling Meet

The cuckoo and the fledgling meet
No song to sing, no dawn to greet
Sullen days, to the refuge retreat

Down the rabbit hole, exit lights my back
What disorientating & the degrading lack
Falls not free no terraferma, just terror, black

Knowledge & energy collide to confuse
Fever then to plague, no soul to transfuse
Attacked from inside, fuck it, light the fuse

Dealing with adversit...

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Sexual abuse

I'm a Pencil

I'm a pencil, HB
A finer pencil you never did see
But, constant sharpening is killing me
What's the alternative to be?
Left in a drawer with an absence of light?
With nothing to do, can't put up a fight
Rather be out, for all to see
I do hope that life keeps sharpening me
I'm a pencil HB.


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Which Dick Ordered the Caramel Latte?

Nobody wants to be working class no more
It's all Louie V & Michael Kors
Jimmy Choo yer taking the piss
Hand sticked by kids in Bangladesh 
Gucci & Prada have nothing to fear
Keep selling ter fools year after year
People who work in Poundland or Greggs
People who still should be plebs
To people with delusional chic.   
A false sense of identity, hermaphroditic
Glamorous Coco Channel sell...

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Pretentious me....

This isn't what life had planned for me

 Drip drip drop little acrid showers
Sad weeping the eyes while the rabbit cowers
Monkey see , monkey do
You don't see me, haven't a clue
I don't wear makeup, or use perfume
I just want liberty from this terrible room
You wear pink ribbons, rattle charity tins
While our flesh piles rise, we die for your sins
We see humans, bedevilled by vanity
We see humans, but never humanity
Step insid...

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Left ventricle
Right ventricle
Steady pumping
Beats out 
Biological rhythm
Never stopping
She's gone 

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Love lost

Going, Going, Gone

Push the button, light the cord
Too slow
Quiet storm
Operator, switchboard! 

Say hello, say goodbye
You say yes
You say no
Operator, standbye!

Hold a look, try realign
Hold your hips
Kiss your neck
Operator, hold the line!

Hold my hand, send me images
Magic beans
Pied piper
Operator, accept all charges!

Tried, couldn't reconnect
Mumble, stumble
Lost for words
Operator, d...

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Love lost

The Quick & the Dead

God can judge the quick & the dead
Read to break the chain, powers in my hands
When it's quiet the devil flies high inside
Can't see much in the dark
Unless it's fear or wanting 
Word is wind that passes by
Breath like you breath
Look like you look
Spoken word never comes back
Shadows move to a dark corner
See madness, then something takes it aside
Morning is dead, a day with the quick ...

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Feeling sorry for yourself

Mothballs n Piss

Modern day pseudo hieroglyphics 
Speaks of modern day specifics
Mothballs n piss, a puddle on the floor
Someone's  left their  number on the door 
Written in Sharpie  says the author is Ken
Wrote it all down with his felt tipped pen
Warns us  he's 10"long, & to 'be here by 8' 
Checked my watch panic, thank fuck I'm late!

No symbols of pharaohs, asp or cat
What's that a scarab?, no, says...

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