Down In The Hole

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Down In The Hole


I was sixteen, they threw me down the hole,

I stood in darkness, breathing in the dust

while learning who I could and couldn’t trust

in this black new empire of worm and mole.

My dad said it was this life or the dole -

if our family was to earn a crust

then I would have to work until I bust

and sacrifice ambition, heart and soul.

Years of hardship finally took its toll

and I was laid off, let into the light

that shone from Thatcher’s false economy.

Forever stained of coal and bent of spine,

I lie awake and stare into the night

and focus on the times and friends I see

in the nightmare recesses of the mine.

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Harry O'Neill

Wed 11th Jan 2017 16:08

The problem is that this personna - like so many sons
- really wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps.

My dad got me a docker`s book early (and look what happened to the docks).

Trump promised to bring coal back to West Virginia (Is that the coal we used to produce that we now import from the States?)...

I worked in the tobacco industry (hardly a factory left now
in Britain)

And unemployment - despite the immigrants - running now at less than five per cent.

I wonder what`s going on in the industrial world?

The physical consequences were real enough though.

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Sun 8th Jan 2017 17:16

Interesting how jobs in coal were passed down through families Ian. It shows how communities were maintained until more option crept in. Although as you rightly imply Margaret didn't seem to consider any alternatives, thus excoriating whole ways of life. Another nail in the coffin for public relations from no.10.

Thanks for posting. Ray

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 8th Jan 2017 14:46

Top form, as usual, making major points with fine language and great skills.

Is this a real experience, or an assumed persona?

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