Final Resting Plaice

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She drifted in with the big wave, sculptured body shimmering in the moonlight.

Her scaly decorative dress was a sight to behold, hugging her curvaceous form.

A few seductive moves later the queen of the ocean lay cold still on the shore.

A free-spirited woman she was,

known to glide with the cockiness of a seductress,

leaving in her wake a school of frustrated male suitors.

I gazed at her dazzling eyes as she lay there. A once celebrated maiden

with a body sent from heaven. Now cold and unresponsive.

One tide after another tried to entice her back

but she was oblivious to them all.

Incapacitated by fate.

Battered by ruthless waves, but spared the torture of being dunked in boiling hot oil.

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Juan Pablo Lynch

Wed 18th Jan 2017 21:16

Raj, that picture was a really great attachment to such a well crafted poem. Also the title was very creative. At first I thought Plaice was a spelling error but Webster told me better. truly enjoyed it.

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Raj Ferds

Tue 17th Jan 2017 10:20

I'm glad it came through like that Colin.
It wasn't meant to be laden with pathos. Ha.


<Deleted User> (13762)

Tue 17th Jan 2017 08:44

have to say this made me chuckle Raj from the title to the last line but the picture throws us a curveball and makes us think of mermaids or even whales stranded on beaches - it's a bit of a seafood cocktail of images but enjoyable nonetheless. Cheers, Col

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