They have strained every sinew,

pulled out all the stops,

thrown the kitchen sink at it,

and worked around the clock.

They have bent over backwards,

bust a gut,

the whole nine yards;

struggled, striven, toiled,

they are Trojan, double-hard.


They have tortured every puppy,

scalded every cat,

stripped skin and hair and tail,

then strangled every rat.


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Three days later,

we bought a Newton's cradle.

Put it on the table, and heartsick,

tried to click click click our way out of it.                 

But there's six strings missing,

a great big grin,

and a legendary faux fur coat.


There are two types of energy:

potential and kinetic.

One is energetic, inhabiting space.

One anticipates

velocity, force.


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This began with whispered words,

bites from shiny apples;


a desire to command, create;

a hunger to articulate intensity,

to mechanise a melody inside.


This commenced with prephonation;

tutoring of simple lips,

tentatively glossolalic.

Patterns forming,

disconnected information circling itself,

pulling at phonetic cords of morphemes


and spitting ...

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We would like a happy ending here.

We would like a happy ending here.

We would like a happy ending here.

We would like a happy ending here.

We would like a happy ending here.

We would like an ending.

















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A Capital Demand


Jobs in your area! Do YOU want to care?

We have vacancies everywhere, quality assured,

person-centred care and support.


Take your pick, we will fit you in. Fair pay,

hours that you want to work, and holidays.

We’re flexible, adaptable, you’re able and available.


Great! And they’ve promised me

hours in my area. I won’t have to travel too far.

Sign here……………………...

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