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An Everlasting Ache

I had broken the invisible the bridge
That linked you to my soul,
Since the day you pushed me to the ridge
And told me “we wouldn’t last”.
It had been months since I thought of
“You and I” as one.
I was happy, I felt new!
Then I had a dream,
And it pulled me back to you.

You left without saying,
To a land of solitude,
From where uncertain was your return,
You left as you couldn’t bare staying;
You ran ‘cause world was caving in.

You wanted peace,
It’s all I wanted for you,
But you had to be selfish,
And there was nothing I could do

You didn’t think to tell me,
Or try to send a note before you go,
And you entered the world
On the other side of the ocean
Through a Door that will less often show.
And there I was, helpless and stunned!
Trying to quaff the notion,
The notion,
That I may never see you again.

Years went by, the storm had calmed
I had swallowed the bitter episode
But shall remember it
Till I am gone.

Then suddenly, appears the Door;
The Door that will lead me to you.
After years I will get to see you,
Only for an hour or two.

I look at my finger ring,
Begging it to stop me!
But I need to know,
How you’ve been
Get down on my knees,
So I can ask you once again,
“Come back to me, please?”

How can I explain?
When it is only you,
Who shakes me back to reality
How can be sane?
When it is you,
Who feeds my world of fantasy.
I have survived without you, and I can,
But my heart chooses not to
So to you again I ran

Suddenly, I wake up and realize
All of this was fake,
But what I had for you was real
It still is, and always will be;
An everlasting ache…


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