Snowy Night in the Early Spring

Snowy night in
The early spring—
Winter heavy upon
My memories—
I see your figure
Approaching in the dark,
A silhouette in the snow
Against the lantern lights.
Inside, the house is warm,
Though I stand below the lintel
Watching your approach and
Feeling the chilly breeze.
The sight of you
After the long season
Of longing separation
Brings a smile to my heart.

You hesitate in the falling snow,
A shadow, still, to my eyes,
But I know it’s you.
Hearts like ours know.
You seem to question,
As you stand there,
At last so close to our home,
Your decision to return to me;
Or perhaps you are thinking:
Remembering the vision
Of us when you left—
When Summer was upon us.
I dream of those times, too,
And I wait for your ghosts
To pass away from you,
And for you to return.

At last you take a step
In the falling snow
Towards the home you left
So many months ago,
And as the light falls
Finally upon your face,
I see the tears of joy
Coursing down your cheeks.
With an embrace,
I know my tears of relief
Are mingling with yours,
And you are home once more.



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Randall Eckstein

Mon 16th Jan 2017 00:02

Thank you, Tristan! You're so kind. ?

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Tristan Ayran

Sun 15th Jan 2017 14:50

"But I know it’s you.
Hearts like ours know."
This right here. Unbelievable. What a beautiful piece of literature.

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