The Name Game - Part 1

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Did Anna Bell ever ring?
Did Carrie Oakey ever sing?

Did Dick Tate ever reign?
Did Jim Bunney ever train?

Did Polly Graaf ever lie?
Did Albert Ross ever fly?     

Did Andy Mann ever fix?
Did Jean Poole ever mix?        

Did Barb Dwyer ever catch?
Did Pearl Buttons ever match?

Did Ali Money ever pay?
Did Don Kee ever bray?

Did Ann Teake ever age?
Did Terry Bull ever rage?

Did Fanny Bush ever flower?
Did Lou Brush ever scour?

Did Barry Caid ever block?
Did Pattie O'Daw ever knock?

Did Hazel Nutt ever crack?
Did Justin Case ever pack?

Did Tim Burr ever fall?
Did Carol Singer ever call?

Did Mona Lott ever smile?
Did Emma Royds ever pile?

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Thu 19th Jan 2017 19:01

Benny hill is my hero! Seaside postcard & typical English humour....I love it..... Jeff

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Paul Waring

Thu 19th Jan 2017 17:28

Thanks John, I was chuffed to bits to read your comment. Paul

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John Coopey

Thu 19th Jan 2017 17:06

All of the below, Paul. Very envious. I may tell everyone that I wrote this!

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Paul Waring

Thu 19th Jan 2017 15:59

M.C., I really appreciate your comment especially because, with light hearted material like this, you can never be sure how it will be received. But the reaction to date makes me glad that I followed my instinct to post it!

Many thanks, Paul

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 19th Jan 2017 14:43

It's always welcome to see imaginative light hearted
blogs...many thanks for this commendable contribution.

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Paul Waring

Thu 19th Jan 2017 10:37

Thanks Jeff...for reading and commenting....the asphalt line is funny...reminds me of "she was only a chimney sweeps daughter but she knew how to haul ash". I think we must share that Benny Hill/rude seaside postcard sense of humour...nudge, nudge, wink, wink😂

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Thu 19th Jan 2017 04:28

Great read & reminds me of "she was only the"....nice fun piece! She was only the road makers daughter, but she liked he Asphalt.....couldn't help myself...sorry......Jeff

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Paul Waring

Wed 18th Jan 2017 22:03

Thank you Col, Raj, Juan Pablo and Tristan, I am so pleased to read your comments and appreciate you taking the time to read this. Part 2 is ready, I will post it in the next day or two 😀

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Tristan Ayran

Wed 18th Jan 2017 20:59

Very creative! What a read.

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Juan Pablo Lynch

Wed 18th Jan 2017 20:50

Wow, Love it! I loved the Jean Poole (Gene pool) one because I'm into biology.
Waiting Patiently for part 2.

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Raj Ferds

Wed 18th Jan 2017 19:08

Love it Paul. Very clever.
Best of all it has endless possibilities for extension.


<Deleted User> (13762)

Wed 18th Jan 2017 18:56

this is brilliant Paul, absolutely love it - the Bush's are definitely my favourite. I dunno tho, Polly Graaf and Albert Ross are good.

this afternoon whilst chopping logs I had 'Des Lynam / botulinum' running round my head for some reason - and thought about doing a poem called Things That Went Through My Head Whilst Chopping Logs' - but thankfully my brain moved on and I didn't get any further than dear old Des.

can't wait for part 2. Tomorrow? Please. 😃

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