We're Doing No Wrong

Feel *that* twinge 
Scratch *that* itch 
Lost in this moment
Between her thighs 
No shortchange

Fuck Polytheism, monotheism 
I want to feel it now
Death, illness
Acts of God....fuck that
Today's for the living 

Pornography obsession 
Sins of the flesh?
Stone yer daughters
Excommunicate sons
Female circumcision 

Who needs an after life
Fuck you n yer dead virgins
I'm doing no wrong
Both just wanna have fun
Don't give me the knife

Raw lust, velvet glove
Transcend passion
Between cursed n blessed 
Today we feel slutty
...........Tomorrow we make love  

And love is all we're guilty of 

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Thu 19th Jan 2017 21:15

Thanks for the comments Paul & its ok, we're both better than them......Jeff

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Paul Waring

Thu 19th Jan 2017 20:58

Well expressed Jeff, and reading your response to Kimberley's comment gives us more perspective on what must be a really difficult situation. Paul

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Thu 19th Jan 2017 20:46

I know! Working in the Middle East I'm sooo fucking tired of no being able to hold my girlfriends hand outside our room due to some sanctimonious imaginary arsehole. All we have is love & peace but can't even show it!,......a rant I know but come on! It's 2017 & we still believe in ghosts!......Jeff.

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Kimberly Ray

Thu 19th Jan 2017 20:40

Sounds a bit familiar 😃

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