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"Can't she shut her mouth for once

And give her tongue a rest?"

Thought my Dad of my step-mother,

Whose chivvying ranked with the best.

She always cursed and blamed him 

Throughout their married life.

Dad, whatever made you choose

A tyrant for a second wife?

Poor Dad got not a minute's peace,

He endured each rant and rave.

But once he shouted back at her,

"You'll put me in an early grave"

And then, for the umpteenth time

With her anger in full flow,

When Dad said "that's it, I'm off,"

She screamed, "justgo...justgojustgojustgo"

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Paul Waring

Mon 9th Jan 2017 14:14

Thanks M.C. I'm sure what you say passed through my Dad's head but, fortunately, his respectful and gentle nature helped him to avoid losing self-control.

And thanks again to everyone for taking the time to express such caring, thoughtful comments. Paul

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 9th Jan 2017 13:10

There are surely occasions when a woman's persistent tongue-lashing can induce a man to resort to an overt
physical response - the more publicised aspect of conflict
between the co-habiting sexes.

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Paul Waring

Sun 8th Jan 2017 21:53

Thank you all so much, Ray, M.C., Emer, elP and Rose for the most touching, thoughtful and insightful comments.

Emer, thank you, my Dad did leave and found peace (of sorts) for the last years of his life.

elP, thank you for insights, you're exactly right, my deceased father would never have seen the funny side of it all. And this poem was intended to be a small tribute to my father for all he endured and because he was a good man. Your thoughtful comments have made us all think more about this issue, I'm sure.

Rose, thank you so much for such kind words. Much appreciated.

Again, thank you all. Paul

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Rose Casserley

Sun 8th Jan 2017 21:09

Picture says it all.'Dad' has my sympathies Paul and you,my praise for such a well written piece.

Rose 💋

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Sun 8th Jan 2017 21:02

Hi, Paul..I realize that you want to keep this light, but there's something here I can't help but contemplate. I can appreciate the ability of comedy to reach into many situations we'd rather not discuss and show them for what they are--provided it doesn't re-victimize the victim. But, I would say that it's pretty hard to give any idea of the deleterious effects of "chronic ear-bashing" in a short comedic sketch. I think that anyone who has actually lived through such a thing really only laughs out of desperation--maybe as an affect of realizing the incongruity of their personal situation against anything that they would call healthy.

Anyhow, it's a well-written piece that made me think, just as any good writing should.


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Emer Ni Chorra

Sun 8th Jan 2017 19:37

I hope he left her and had the confidence and the courage to never go back.
Better to be alone than unhappy in an abusive relationship.💪

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Paul Waring

Sun 8th Jan 2017 19:26

Thanks M.C., I had never thought of this as domestic violence, just "chronic ear-bashing", nevertheless it badly affected the poor man's well-being so it was domestic violence of sorts.

On a lighter note, I wanted to avoid making this overly serious, hence the almost Chas and Dave and Benny Hill type language! Thanks again, Paul

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 8th Jan 2017 17:45

A useful reminder of the other side of the debased coinage of "domestic violence".

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Paul Waring

Sun 8th Jan 2017 17:33

Thanks Ray, interesting you mentioned about suffering - I got out double quick for my sanity's sake! Thanks too for the funny sketch by the hilarious Dud and Pete. Paul

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Sun 8th Jan 2017 17:05

Sounds like a recipe for disaster Paul. I hope you didn't suffer too much - I'm reminded as an aside of a Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketch where Pete is a boutique owner and Dud a sewer man. Dud says at the end "get out of my house!"
Pete: "It's not your house father it's mine." Dud: "alright then, get out of your house!!"


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