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Circle Pantoom

Life moves in a circle,

Try not to get lost.

It burns you up inside,

Or even goes to frost.


Try not to get lost,

In a world turned to flames.

Or even goes to frost,

When all else delays.


In a world turned to flames,

Screaming, shouting, pouting,

When all else delays,

Those who care shall wait the outing.


Screaming, shouting, pouting,

The cold c...

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I feel so self conscious,

Why do i even wanna go ahead and make progress

Full of loose fests.


Never makin' it, that's it. 

Pack up and leave

Never look back, just take the word of the voice that hurts all noise

Doesn't let you get to what hurts most.

A world that can't transgress,

Or a boy who can't progress.

Loveless, lifeless

Till i get to the page and give str...

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