About A Girl

Voluptuous body 

Beautiful face

My flesh magnetized


Pessimistic attitude

Rowdy and rude

My soul despise 


How do you reconcile

Image of Aphrodite

And demeanor of Lilith 

In one body?

That was not rhetorical 

Somebody answer me.....please!


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Randall Eckstein

Thu 26th Jan 2017 13:42

Haha. Excellent question. I find myself asking similar questions of myself all the time. Being a teacher, I've had 12 years worth of beauties, dullards, ho-hums, handsomes, pretty-boys, and all kinds of humanity. I can tell you that some people will be what society wants them to be - either naturally or by cognizant choice - and some just be who they are. It's especially common in the West where we encourage people to embrace their individuality, and - as Crosby, Stills and Nash (and more recently, Shrek: the musical) put it - "let your freak flag fly."

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