From the uncertain depths of diplomacy

rose up this Kraken

his massive mouth spouting

and no one knows the ocean's mind

or the depths that it can sink to.


In the ascendancy he is

scornful of harpoons

the hide impenetrable

so, all you travellers on the seas

and on your land and in the air

remember to take some extra care

as others legitimize those loony tunes.




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Thu 9th Feb 2017 19:31

Mr Byrne you are right there, it needs space to breathe (don't we all).

C Byrne

Thu 9th Feb 2017 10:40

I think you might be able to extend this one Mr Pool...

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Wed 1st Feb 2017 22:27

Thanks Old Shoes, back to basics I reckon; in the style of Jonah and the whale.

David, thanks mate. I wanted to mythologize the whold grotesque charade. Glad it worked; i'll check out Francis Bacon for sure.

Col: Your comment about singing reminds us of the fragile egos of despots through the ages, and of course the McCarthy trials paranoia threat again. That MM song was swinging wasn't it?

Cheers Paul. Bless his beautiful hide.

Thanks Gideon - all our nerves are on edge i'm afraid.

elP: Too kind - yes, a logical word unfathomable. Also, I wanted the idea that if the sea represents the subconscious, what surfaces from it must be present in the cosmic mind. Did we all perhaps create him? yow!

Thanks all. Ray

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Wed 1st Feb 2017 12:12

"..and no one knows the ocean's mind..."

..unfathomable--that's a great line.


Gideon Puccio

Wed 1st Feb 2017 10:56

We used to have a democracy... It has turned into a democrazy with this yahoo in office and it's only been 13 days! I did not like either candidate but I had to vote for one and it was not him but I am also glad it was not her. I still feel the Bern (2020)!

Great poem!

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Paul Waring

Wed 1st Feb 2017 09:49

Yes, Ray, that Trump rump will take some piercing 😀

Excellent piece again.


<Deleted User> (13762)

Wed 1st Feb 2017 09:11

Your title reminded me of Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday Mr President to JFK in '62. I read somewhere that Team Trump struggled to find big name entertainers to sing at his inauguration balls or whatever. I wonder who would sing such a song in such a way nowadays. Maybe a big star in North Korea to their magnificently loony leader but then I suspect it wouldn't be by choice. Maybe Trump will sign an executive order forcing big stars to sing to him.
Thar he blows!

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 1st Feb 2017 08:48

Nice one Ray,

I see a huge leviathan rising up from the deep, arching over the water with a Trumpesque head, teeth bared. Its all a bit Francis Bacon, lovely.

PS, if you have a moment look up Francis Bacon, a portrait called Businessman 1, see if you can see Trump in that image.

Great word picture Ray,


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New Shoes

Wed 1st Feb 2017 04:42

maybe we should all be armed with harpoons, I suppose it would have to be a cooperative effort to bring the kraken down. power to the people.

thanks for the poem

old shoes

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