LA LA Land & Me

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Just been to see the movie and man it was so cool

I should have stayed put and given Hollywood a shot

I could have made it big I have been such a fool

In the decade of the eighties on a mission I hit the road

Three months of travel and adventure in the USA

Cheap motels and YMCA’s were my humble abode

Eventually I arrived in the metropolis they call LA

Checked into a seedy downtown joint for 24 hours

Then headed up to tinsel town what more can I say

Now most of this story as far as I can remember is true

Looking back through rose tinted eyes what a spectacle

Bear in mind I was roaming freely around a human zoo


Booked myself a room at the north Hollywood YMCA

Spent my time on the streets and hanging out in bars

Sunset Boulevard was my playground by night and day

Hooked up with a couple of feisty New York chicks

Who just swooned and loved my eloquent English accent

Every now and then they would turn some naughty tricks

A brit staying on site said I could get into movies surprise

There were a lot of opportunities to be in crowd scenes

He said the producer has a big thing for English guys

I went and turned down this golden opportunity it’s true

Much to the alarm of my enthusiastic aide who said

“Hey man this is Hollywood you do what you got to do”


On my birthday visited a bar called Tom’s on Sunset & Vine

The bartender she stood me a drink and talked at length

About the size of her boyfriend’s huge dick how divine

At a club on Melrose met an actress with whom to hitch

Didn’t have a name she told me to address her as C.C. Grant

Next time I saw her a dude was screaming calling her a bitch

Met some Vietnam veterans who had sunken eyes of war

Took a calculated gamble on a late night game of poker

When talk turned to Russian roulette I headed for the door

The time had come for me to leave quietly without a sound

That’s the end of my brief encounter with LA LA Land

I often wonder where I would be now if I had stuck around

◄ Fire from the Sky

Goodbye - 'Allo 'Allo ►


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lynn hahn

Thu 2nd Feb 2017 21:51

Sure could. Maybe I'll try to put some to poetry. It was one crazy ride. Thanks for the wisdom you share.

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Tom Doolan

Tue 24th Jan 2017 20:01

Hi Lynn - with your wisdom and experience, I bet you could tell a few tales. I stuck around for about a month. Beneath the glamour and glitz I got to see Hollywood's nasty underbelly. Thanks for your feedback :)

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lynn hahn

Tue 24th Jan 2017 18:42

Ah trust me running was a good plan. I stuck for about 10 years and won some wars did some movies and tv until they wanted a piece of me which I also turned down and got black listed for a bit. The casting couch is no lie if you don't lie on it things can slow down not a gentle town. I was told by a big star when I first stated out...they will blow blue smoke in your eyes and piss on your back. So very true! I love english accents too!!

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Tom Doolan

Tue 24th Jan 2017 09:20

Hi Harry - You couldn't make this stuff up ! - I could have been a star lol. :)

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 23rd Jan 2017 17:07

A nice `raconteur`...puts me - a bit - in mind of Jan`s

(but why didn`t you do it in `threes`?)

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