Wanting something good

Why do we celebrate these violent criminals?
To observe tendencies and to talk to their friends
About their past memories of moments without lens
To know their weird habits, their ammo and chemicals

They should be buried deep, forgotten as lost souls
Their innocent victims should be immortalize
As a gift to our world, cut short by sermonize
Of a devil's worship that was cutting out holes

Let's destroy our belief that evil things happen
Make this a better place for our kids to mature
And show them the right way, that our hugs are secure

Let's get our leaders trust, unblinking the captain
The disgust that we feel can only lead to more crimes
We should love each other, always not just sometimes.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 22nd Jan 2017 15:08

A question that deserves to be asked - and often!
There is a depressing and dispiriting tendency for our
entertainment industry to produce stuff - film and TV
are prime examples - featuring human dross & their
crimes as if they are somehow to be expected, forgiven
and even applauded. There is one TV channel that is
a veritable shop window for "crime incorporated" and
shady, often violent members whenever I channel-hop
with my remote. I've lost count of the films that use
criminality as their theme. How this can serve us to
improve the conduct of members of society towards
one other is lost on me. I recall one eminent film critic of his day trying to tell us that violence in films does not influence some of us towards imitating what they see. Tosh!
When I was young, the heroes were those supporting
and enforcing the law against the dangers society
faced. Now, the "heroes" are without any moral
guidelines to give to the rest of us to follow, too busy
navel-gazing and full of excuses.

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