Late night habits

Late night habits 

late nights have me

Awake, I'm awake

In the middle of the night

Eating whatever I can get my hands on

Ice- cream, chocolate, hot dogs, hot sauce

Wiping tears from my cheeks

Are thee from joy or sorrow?

My life is bleak 

So that's a rhetorical question


I'm the fat, four eyes, bow legged geek

In short, I'm freak

Get picked on everyday of the week

Even family members make fun of me

Act like it doesn't bother me

But whenever evrybody is asleep 

I'm in the fridge

Eating whatever i can get my hands on

I'll never be more than a fatso 


These late nights 

These late night habits have me

Thinking I should get my hand on some poison

These late night habits have me breaking down myself

My haters' words hurt I'll admit

But I'm the one defeating myself

Myself telling me I can't walk away

So I stayed awake

Living out my nightmares


But God ay me down to sleep

And spoke to me in my dreams like he did to Joseph

Now I know this

I was made for his pleasure 

You ain't gotta like me

In his eyes I'm a treasure

Now I rest in my refuge

Thabk God for the good news

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