Internal wound

Stench covered by perfume

Well groomed

Long sleeves cover the scars

Smiley face is a facade

A victim of...


Nobody cares

This life ain't fair 

A single tear

Soul torn

Behind the mask is a face forlorn

A mind wondering how long

How long am I going to be a victim of...


How can I believe in a father above 

when my earthly father puts me under

How can I believe in a Saviour 

When I'm a victim in need of rescue 

How can I, How can I? Tell me !


I'll tell you

I hurt when you hurt

I took on your pain and shame

Died a death so gruesome, so cruel, so brutal,

Inhuman, so ruthless, so grueling, so doom

So crucial, so beautiful 

Defeated death so you can live

I died for you not to be a victim of...


So why? Why am I still here suffering?

This world was given to man and he has dominion over it

That's why prayer is the only way for heaven to intercede in earthly affairs

So do you really care?

Pray in Jesus name and the Lord hears

He will take all your tears 

Put them in a bottle, purify them and rain down blessing over you with them

Victim, do not stay quite, cry out unto the Lord

Let your petition be heard 


Dear Lord, God,

I pray in Jesus name...

I'm a victim of...

But I trust in your  power and love

Come and save me






christian poetry

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