This is some old stuff I've had in my Journal



I knew there'd come a time when I'd turn grey

Well I've been put down and I've been tested

Stretched beyond my limits in this demision

I had a notion once that I would live to regret it

So instead of giving up or turning away I thought I'd make the best of it

No regrets no sorrow and I live on in the day for another tomarrow

When I kiss the sky I'll turn and say

Don't forget to love your life and love the day

For tomarrow is unseen through the eyes of the living

and circumstance can turn you grey

or take the day away

For uncertanty is our curse

and your test is to overcome all that lays before you in hopes that when your time rolls to its end

You have the strangth to touch the HEAVENS

◄ Hammer Time

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