I used to believe that belief was pivotal

that signing your life on a dotted line

was like a club for the initiated

the way to go, you know what I mean

but doubts have left me blinded by the light

I find life more comfortable not knowing why

and solace in the darkness of a starry night.


Despite the pleadings of suits and cassocks

those moral dimensions never rang true

and the same things will happen anyway

in spite of our united feet of clay

so let's back off, retrace our steps

and take the path of the blind and deaf

who listen to themselves

to discover what lies behind the front.




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Mon 23rd Jan 2017 13:28

This is a divisive issue for people Jeff as we all know. I just like to keep all options open - I don't think religion should make decisions for us and offer a ready made destiny -equally I am not averse to a little wonderment
thanks for your comment!


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Sun 22nd Jan 2017 19:37

Well put Ray & as a fundamental atheist I find the whole religion thing vile & ugly. Everyday I prepare for real life & put a little back as I go...worship nobody live or dead. Spend 5 times a day with kids n partner rather than on a mat.....Jeff

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Sat 21st Jan 2017 22:22

Colin maybe a large scotch might help to consolidate the idea . Anything's possible but I like to think it may benefit from your mental rendition and a good night's wee sleep.

A stoical and muscular response David. I find all that doorstep conversion stuff rather pathetic, though surely those initiates must have hides of leather. Agreed about the tail pipe.

Yes Paul, I can't really see the power of the quick fix in this serious matter. My brother is born again - but It was such a long time ago I feel I only really know his shadow - sad but as long as he's fulfilled .... thanks .


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Paul Waring

Sat 21st Jan 2017 12:45

Ray, the older I get the more absurd 'beliefs' seem to be, often rigid patterns of thinking, adopted slavishly and, in many cases, pitching one group against another....and, as you seem to be pointing out here, without taking time to step back, think, question or listen to their intuiton. Funny old life, isn't it? Paul

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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 21st Jan 2017 11:22

Good morning Ray,

I was lying peacefully in bed this morning having a little lie in, I think it was around 0900hrs when the door bell went.

So I haul myself together trying to cover myself with a hand towel, I rush down the stairs to open the door, peeking around the frame to be greeted by a pamphlet waving fisher of men. Arghhh! that conversation didn't last long I can tell you.

I much prefer the solitary path to enlightenment, anyone wishing to share their mono-god with me can frankly suck my tail pipe!


<Deleted User> (13762)

Sat 21st Jan 2017 08:45

why are Scottish accents so infectious? I was just watching a clip from Gregory's Girl which was preceded by an ad for the new T2 Trainspotting film - so when I read this it was with a Scottish voice. Never watch Billy Connolly before going to bed with a good book for he will surely ruin your reading. War and Peace with a Glaswegian accent?

It’s a lang road that’s no goat a turnin Ray.

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