On Being Seen

On Being Seen



These are said to be human,

They breathe they eat,

They are equal to all

And all are equal,

Yet they have the power,

Power to take away

The pittance from a family man,

Power to stop a young boy,

A young girl from aspirations

With good working principles.


‘You’ve been seen!’

They say in their juvenile way,

And then it’s the food banks and

Collection agencies while

Your children cry your stress,

And all you want is death,

Your own death away

From a World that no longer matters.


And I’ll tell you who’s been seen,


The health professionals who choose who they cure,

The social workers snatching kids you cannot afford,

The corporates who laugh in your face

As you work till you drop,

The Police corrupt and backing the rich

That don’t give a shit,

The Tory declaring war on the poor,

And labour – deceitful and yes Tory at core,

The judges and barristers

Imprisoning the witness impeached,

The money men and bomb makers

Sending lads off to death,

Big business entities

Ruling government law,

Snide fucking pharma

Pilling your girls and your boys,

Religions all claiming they speak for God -

Kiddy fiddling paedophiles

Backed by the Cross,

The Pope in his gown

Kissing the hands of the elite

Snivelling and grovelling and bowing so steep,

The premiers and charlatans

Gunning for oil,

The banks with their interest

Placing your body in soil,

The managers of warehouse

Breaking your back,

The trend setters and fashioners

Spending your little purse,

The media managed with fake fucking news,

Clever deceptions to hide their fucking ruse,

All clever people

All clever their roles,

Deceiving the masses

From freeing their souls,

This isn’t life

When you leave school,

Interviewed by Atos

And the Dee Double U P,

This is the prison they force and uphold,

Making you fight with your fellow man -

Whose disabled and veteran

Broken and scarred,


You in your office in positions of tweed,

Who thinks they’re above and better than we,

Sitting in judgement as you take benefits away,

Just to fulfil targets and smile for your day,

Thinking you’re justified as the next

Victim dies,

Writing their epitaph filled only with lies,

You with your remit that don’t give a shit,

Sitting so smug – no morals or ethics,

You sitting there behind your glorious desk,

Upholding your quaint little mind

Denying what beats inside your chest,

There is something I know

That you won’t acknowledge,

Something so powerful has you unable to stop it,

Feeding your status as you claim your life,

Be an energy you’ll owe

In eternities vice,

You see we’re all human it seems,

But the poor and impoverished

Are your whipping ground and toys,

But here at last I have something to say,

Saying it loud as you wallow in hate,

You’re not really human,

You’ve no soul or compassion,

Just sad pitiful excuses for your angle and stance,

And how do I know you so well,

How do I know your destined for hell,

How do I know your Earth bound forever,

How do I know that you look down on us all,

How do I know - my soul shines like a beam,

And has searched and has found

Your fakery seen,


You with your headlock in disgraceful a gait

Will one day realize self loathing and hate,

You’ll scream till the end

We were all beneath,

Believing in earnest your own deceit,

But we’re human beings – courageous

And bold, battered but here

With integrity and bright shining souls,

You courting your monster you

Have always admired,

Soon to be done,

More than you know,

For gallant you are as you posture and bully,

But we in our truth can see it so deep;

Your empty chalice,

You’re soulless and cowardice,

Your sad fucking life going on and on,

We all know has been seen,

Seen for the worth in life you project,

No mirror of love,

Only a lonesome and sad fucking quest,


You have been seen.

You have been seen.

You have been seen.

You have all been seen.



Michael J Waite 31st January 2017.





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