Bags of Shite

Penally beach path

Black plastic dog shit bags,

Strewn with carless abandon

‘Gainst clear, blue sky

And cold, fresh breeze,

A black stain,

Tarnish on the Pembrooke,

beauty ways,

You inconsiderate

selfish, dog shit vandal,

lacking sense,

where sensitivity should engage your being,

Amongst such

elemental wonder.


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lynn hahn

Wed 1st Feb 2017 18:30

And I thought America specialized in the privileged dog owners. I always have found it so charming to take my dog for an outing in a nice park running through the grass and then stepping into my car to return home and noticing there is shit on my shoe!

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Sun 29th Jan 2017 14:01

It seems logical that people take dogs for walks Peter, and logical that they should take the shit away, but the illogical always seems to thrive with the narrow view. Otherwise let them apply grass to the arse. !
As a variant on this theme, it always horrifies me to think of bowel cancer testing smears to sent through the post. Totally different needs I know....



Sun 29th Jan 2017 08:57

Yes, I'm afraid it is one of the things that infuriates me. If people bother to collect the stuff in the first place why not dispose of it properly. They chuck it in the summer when the leaves are out and so in winter you have all this dog shit fruit hanging from bushes and trees. We walk along a canal path near to where we live and the trees are littered with the stuff. I had an idea for a poem, 'strange fruit', but didn't write it as the phrase comes from a Billy Holiday song which has much more significant meaning.

OK, so I've had a rant.
I love the area arround Penally ?Tenby.
Have just posted Penally Viagra. Which relates to poems there.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Tue 24th Jan 2017 12:11

I was going to mention after your reply to my comment on Turn of the Tide that I know the beach in question living not so very far away near Carmarthen. Pembrokeshire has some stunning beaches - Barafundle, Broadhaven, Angle to name but three heading further west from Penally.

plastic bags of shite are indeed a huge problem. A friend of mine volunteers on the coastal path area at Pembrey near Llanelli. He says dog owners see a lack of bins as part of the problem so the council puts out bins which get vandalised or incinerated. But everyone these days it seems has to have a dog. You've got me started Peter, I'd better stop!

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