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I tend to not find things sacred

but rather memories

Things can burn up in a fire

but memories are your's forever

Like the first time I saw my son

when they laid him on my stomach

Like the look on my husband's face 

when he said "I do"

Like the look on my son's face

when he too said "I do" to his sweet wife

Like the time as a small child when my big brother

put me on his handle bars

and we road to the park to carve bad words in a tree

Like the time I went to meet my Australian terrier

when she was a puppy

and she jumped into my arms claiming me

Like the time I went to meet my Norfolk terrier

when he too was a puppy

and looked into his eyes telling him "your gonna love me"

Like the time my son told me 

I was going to be a grandmother

Like the time I found out

it was going to be a boy!

Like the time my son tried to teach me how to cook

Like the time my son and daughter- in -law came to my hotel room

to comfort me when I was overwhelmed by my upcoming divorce

These are memories I hold dear and often visit

especially when life gets just too hard...


By Lynn Hahn








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lynn hahn

Mon 30th Jan 2017 18:47

Good call Colin! That does tie them together. Thank you so much!

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Raj Ferds

Mon 30th Jan 2017 09:11

That was a beautiful stroll down memory lane Lynn.A lot of material attachments (like photos) tend to fade or get lost but memories are embedded deep inside.

An endearing panorama so simply and emotionally expressed.


<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 30th Jan 2017 08:21

Lovely Lynn and so you if I may say.

I think I'd be tempted to write the second 'l do' line thus:

when he too said "I do"

It would then mirror the ending of the first "I do" and also the two 'puppy' line endings. Just a thought.

All the best,

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lynn hahn

Mon 30th Jan 2017 05:41

It is a typo thanks! I don't know how old your son is but mine is 30 and he remembers and appreciates good times we've had. Children are amazing glad you are spending time with your son. It makes a huge difference in his life.

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Randall Eckstein

Mon 30th Jan 2017 03:13

Lovely memories. Perhaps there is a typo in the last line? I believe you meant gets, rather than get.

I sometimes despair that the memories I am trying hard to build with my son will only be memories for me. I hope he remembers the good times we are having, and can someday feel something like this. But that's a poem for another time. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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