Responsibility is an evil friend,

It won’t let you walk away less you offend,

You stop and serve – your duty do,

For the benefit of those who would spit on you,

and for those you know in need,

and, for those who helped you indeed,

Responsibility is an evil friend,

It will destroy you in the end.


I’ve been on the edge of this breakdown for many years,

Times of joy and times of tears,

Climbing so high on a hill of sand,

Trying to build in a way that is planned,

But the things you build are eroded away,

Grain by grain and day by day,

And slowly all you built is eaten away,

Undermining, dissolving to disarray.


Fill in here, shore up there,

Develop new ways to mend and repair,

Maintain the substance, keep belief,

Long hours endure without relief,

And, at last, you then can say,

With the help of friends you made your way

Responsibility is an evil friend,

It won’t let you walk away less you offend.


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Wed 18th Jan 2017 20:37

Hi Juan,
Thanks for your comments. I guess that's why I say it is an 'evil friend'.

I wrote the poem when I was doing a difficult job that I enjoyed doing. So the responsibility was a 'friend' that I got on well with but every now and again it turned 'evil' when things became much more difficult and challenging.

So I agree with you. Responsibility is a good thing to have but it also comes with its challenges which, in the end, make the responsibility worthwhile.

Peter Ray

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Juan Pablo Lynch

Wed 18th Jan 2017 17:11

Very well composed.
However, I cringed at Responsibility is an evil friend. You make very valid points. I believe sometimes, no at all times, being responsible for something/someone comes with it's adverse side effects. However, I also believe responsibility is the cure to regression and the pavement for progression. That's why I don't agree with the statement that it is an evil friend.
Responsibility is what causes a parent/friend to tell a child/friend that they are going down the wrong road and help them get back on track. An evil friend doesn't do that. An evil friend laughs at your downfall.
However, when you are angry, tired and want to have your way and not be responsible then responsibility is indeed an evil friend. That seems to be the persona's mood.
Anyway, I really like the poem.

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