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Leading you into a room is 

Like inviting an orchestra

To fill the still life of a space

With music for the eyes.


Even on this dullest of days

I am drawn, inevitably, to your

Presence, diffusing gilded

Rays of light from its core.

I am at ease with you, without

Uttering a word, for your tall

Grand elegance mutes me with

A beauty that speaks volumes.


Such breathtaking symmetry,

This queen of all flowers is

Adorned by a noble crown and

A garland of golden petals.


She has no name, but if she did,

I imagine it would reflect her;

A Grace or a Joy or something

Sounding mystical and god-like


And as regal as her species,

Helianthus Annuus,

Majestic flower of the sun, 

The symphony of summer.

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Paul Waring

Fri 13th Jan 2017 20:55

Thank you Tristan, that is high praise indeed, and I am very grateful to you for commenting. Regards, Paul

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Tristan Ayran

Fri 13th Jan 2017 20:40

Very beautiful, indeed. It's very reminiscent of the sonnets and ballads of Shakespeare. I love it!

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Paul Waring

Fri 13th Jan 2017 10:52

Thanks Col, when I wrote this I tried to imagine myself musing, immersed in contemplation of a single sunflower or still life painting. How innocent! But, yes, I can imagine the piece feeling dramatically different if, say, there were lines about Van Gogh.....perhaps as the conductor of an orchestra (of sunflowers)....baton slicing through the canvas of air?? Or, then again, maybe not...!!! Cheers, Col, like all the creative poetic minds on here, you inspire. Paul

<Deleted User> (13762)

Fri 13th Jan 2017 09:05

I have to echo Ray's comments re the positivity and all that and Cynthia's odes to flowers. But I can't help but see dear old Van Gogh slicing off his ear and wondered how an extra verse might throw this poem alarmingly off into different territory. Just a thought. Col.

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Paul Waring

Thu 12th Jan 2017 20:26

Ray, aythankgyow, so very much for such kind comments. I will be interested to hear what you make of a couple or darker pieces I've written recently when I post them!!! Thanks again, Paul

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Thu 12th Jan 2017 19:42

A wonderful antedote to the season's deprivations Paul. Bring it on I say , The balance of the lines makes for good reading.
Can I say that since you came on to the site , I have noticed a great sense of positivity from your work, and it is refreshing and i'm sure illuminates this medium so well . Let us cynical fellows wallow down in darker matters, give us a leg up my friend!


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Paul Waring

Thu 12th Jan 2017 17:48

Thank you Cynthia, what a wonderful comment. Now let's see if anything about snowdrops emerges.....! Paul

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 12th Jan 2017 17:10

Much enjoyed, much, much, much.

Odes to flowers puts you in fine poetical company. What about a fresh, new one on 'snowdrops'?

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Paul Waring

Thu 12th Jan 2017 17:02

Thanks Stu, I really appreciate your comments. It seemed a bit incongruous writing and posting a poem about a sunflower in the depths of winter......but pleased to hear it cheered you up. Paul

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Stu Buck

Thu 12th Jan 2017 16:06

a lovely description of a beautiful flower. the picture cheered me up as well, its freezing here!

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