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Why do so many people , cause so much trouble with Hearsay. Not really knowing the facts . They spread things around , things that have no ground . Just to make them look and feel good . Mud sticks and also plays tricks . To make you look a fool , yes the guilty one . Very rarely does the truth bounce back . To put people on the right track , before harm is done forever . People who spread things around . Make up stories . Even make them selves look good . Be very aware , that you have your facts right . And never listen to Hearsay .

so many cruel people in this world

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 22nd Jan 2017 14:11

As long as folk have been around, it's a fair bet that
they have loved to gossip. The law even takes account
of that in terms of acceptable evidence: allowing "hearsay"
in extreme circumstances only - such as "dying declarations" and what may be said directly after a
serious (life threatening?) crime, especially in the
presence of an accused.
That said, its effect when used meanly or frivolously can do
serious damage to another's reputation or self-respect.
Today's equivalent is now found online in assorted "tweets".
and the law is struggling with ways of keeping up.

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