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Arachnid Death Star Vs IKEA/ I Am Starfucker Star Child

A guided gloaming giant tarantula
Umbilically detached 
Sans the smart med pilot
Outreach mode ~ kinetic
Sweeps low over the cattle throng
Protesting occupation
Collective punishment
..moan moan and moan..

One difficult child tap-tapped
At eleven o' clock 
A thrill-seeking laser-threaded precision shot
The stencilled oriflamme crowd gathers
Scrambling and scrambled numb
As the pulsing pulsating arachnid diseng...

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Memory Embryo

river weaving sound-waves scintillate
emerald tide lapping ripples roll
spectral mother of pearl piers laminate over
earthen pebbles veiled in petrol gauze
limpid lamps glint
the shellac grey
to a murmuring waxen gold..

limbal ring sun cheeky snowdrops lick
refuse boats hum
hushing engines cello
glass bottles topple
slivers crack slivers click
nit-wit birds hammer icy bubble ravines

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Far Away In My Living Room When We Have Real 3d Television

far away in my living room
when we have real 3d television
will starving huddled children 
project on our carpet
will they baffle pets
realistic in every way
until you run to the kitchen
to try to feed the visitors..

i will stand there 
perhaps walk around them
in the middle of my living room
cup of tea in my hand
with magical goggles i will be able to reach
and touch them all
the gl...

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sci-fi poetryTV news

Crimewatch Verses Spartacus ~ Blame Russia

Pinstripe broker ~ ambulatory mantis
Darting eyes on pinging pavements swivel
Twi-twoo Mini Moog prancer
Golf club satyr legs bumble
Trout pincer knees pelvis dangle
Bungee-pimp shoes squish tadpoles..

Squeegee beep-beep prowler
Online kerb-crawler lurking shark 
With his mezzanine clicks of the mouse
reserves his preferred anti-septic boudoir ~ his parlour
Throws his service provider

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5gA.IbankingBlame Russiasci-fi poetry

Two Minutes To Midnight

so it's two minutes to midnight
two minutes to the final ding-dong
get your papers in order
make sure you fill in your leave form..

so it's two minutes to midnight
now is a fabulous time to start smoking again
will the world dive to into a fantasy fuck-fest
or will many people gas themselves in garden sheds..

so it's two minutes to midnight
which album will you put on
whose lips will...

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fear-porn poetrytwo minutes to midnight

Planet Of The Vapes

i had to step off the beaten path
for pavements less travelled
energy can in my hand
revitalised i felt like a man
a man..clutching an energy can in his hand..

stopped dead in my tracks i was
tenderly floored
self-intoxicated aromas punch-drunk themselves a blizzard 
not a little bewildering 
brimming olfactory slam-dunk explosions 
from wither they emanated i did not know
but i had t...

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Happy New Year!?

january sales eat beached whales
margarine underwear on special offer..

this year won’t be like any year
it will barely seem like anything
we can talk about it next december
in time for the christmas sales..
Q Clearance clearance
it's on the web it must be true....

the christmas office party man
he threw up on her shoes
now by the tea-point
his cock a dowsing rod in the antarctic

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