whats up is up and down is down

hey im the kind of guy who likes to get around

tied and tethered, thats not me fool

this place is on lock down

I don't need your school

just give me some wings so I can fly

what Lynard sung about

what Jimmy lived, well atleast before he died

I mean if we can set are minds and hearts free why not our bodies too.

I mean just ask yourself " What would Jesus do"

some things just make sense,

I suppose as long as were not squallering  in the filth of what might seem like and endless orgy

I guess some things better taught than learned

even though it my be good to get burned, maybe once or twice

hey don't take my advice, I'm not the one who gave the eternal sacrofice

◄ Grey

here we are again ►


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New Shoes

Sun 5th Feb 2017 04:02

glad you liked it Juan. this one just kind of rolled out my finger tips. I think its a keeper.

Old shoes

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Juan Pablo Lynch

Wed 1st Feb 2017 03:49

Love it . love it. Going to share it. Thaks for sharing Old shoes. The poem speaks for itself and i really enjoy this straight forward approach.

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