Fire from the Sky

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Every day I relentlessly ride the city train

All of the time I feel your eternal pain

What is the meaning of this life anyway?

Go on mister I feel lucky make my day

The sky is on fire with an everlasting glow

Missiles exploding don’t you know?

The world is at war with itself for sure

Whatever happened to my life so pure?

Give a low down sucker an even break

Don’t know how much more I can take

Another dreary day another dollar bill

Sick and bloody tired I have had my fill

Work your arse off just to barely survive

Hand to mouth brother that’s no jive

It doesn’t really matter much anymore

If you can’t hack it mate there’s the door

Looking at sad unhappy faces all the while

For god’s sake can someone crack a smile

In an endless dream nothing is as it seems

Trying to dodge aliens and laser beams

Here it comes a runaway galactic comet

Panic stations everywhere it’s gone atomic

Here today and then gone forever tomorrow

Mixed emotions laughter tears and sorrow

Everything you believed is a downright lie

What a way to die destroyed by fire from the sky    

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Tom Doolan

Fri 20th Jan 2017 19:44

Hi Kimberly - Thanks for pointing out I left an f off lol. I wiil edit as soon as I get on my laptop. You are now my official proof reader. I am a happy chap. My poem is meant to be tongue in cheek. ?

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