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i cant carry

  the weight of your regrets.

It wasnt meant for me,

  so why cant you forget.


Forget the past,

  embrace my future.

You're pushing me too fast,

  you think im stronger.


Just give me time

  to make my own choice.

Dont try to read my mind,

  let me use my voice.


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My reflection is a broken image,

Of a life I used to lead.

It distorts who I am,

And shows who I used to be.


I can't stand to see myself,

Someone misunderstood.

Maybe one day it will change,

Change for good.

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Pushing your thoughts aside,

Doesn’t fix the problem.

You're falling apart inside,

And not dealing with the causes.


You don’t have to open up,

Not if you don’t want to.

i think you're going to erupt,

With the division inside you.


There is much hurt,

And pain in your life.

You're as broken as your heart,

With all this strife.

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Reality Cycle

A fractured soul

  trapped in a perfect body.

Leading a life of lies

  hoping to be a somebody.


Losing at life

  wanted to quit the game.

Trying to find a way out

  always ended the same.


Listening to outside voices

  starts the process over again.

Jumping at every chance

  to end the countless pain.

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Perspective Changes

i was a Christian. 

  Christian enough to stay out of trouble. 

i was tough and smart. 

  Tough enough to cut myself. 

  Smart enough to not get caught. 


Now i'm a Christian. 

  Christian enough to rely on God. 

i am strong and wise. 

  Strong enough to ask for help. 

  Wise enough to open myself up. 

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The First of Many

There's a dark room

  im sitting in a corner.

A knife in one hand

  a cut in the other.

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i stare at her

  Red, white, black



i think about her

  Red, white, black



Her smile


Her innocence


But her eyes




i see scars








Her feelings are colors

  Red, white, black


Her feelings are tr...

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Quiet Resentment

i feel the angry tears

falling down my face.

That innocent look he gives me

is one i can't mistake.


i know its not his fault

but i can't take the excuses.

Because in the end

im the one who loses.

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