The music begins again.
You wallflowers who came
with the dance in mind
and empty hands to hold—
skulking along the fringe,
afraid to join in,
but more afraid to leave.
She comes.

You wither at her gaze,
hoping, not hoping
she is looking at you;
Would it mean more?
A joke, a fluke, a trick,
or perhaps a friend—
If you don’t see
will she leave?

Wallflower dancer
shaking and jiving
to your inner turmoil,
forgotten in the moment.
The hurly-burly,
the whispered nothings,
The hands!!  The places!!
Friendship?  More!?

You lock into a clock
ticking the circle
for its safety and
Words ended, but
music endures.
She rests her head,
you stand up taller.

And then, wallflower,
the music ends.
How to extricate…
She’s gone.
Once more you puddle
to the fringe, and
skulk to the
potted chairs.

Friends there.
Claps on back.
You the man,
and Nice moves, Duckie!
You grin, take it in,
It was you,
and you know it’s true,
but it was her.

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Mon 16th Jan 2017 00:33

Really good poem, Randall. I related to this a lot, man lol

"skulking along the fringe,
afraid to join in,
but more afraid to leave."

Favorite lines!

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Randall Eckstein

Mon 16th Jan 2017 00:01

Thank you, Juan. I've never seen the movie, but I will definitely check it out, now.

Yasmine, this piece is semi-autobiographical. When I was a teenager, our church group held dances two or three times a year. It was extremely rare that anyone went with a date as we were all insecure little 12 and 13 year olds. But the girls (per the norm) were always just slightly more mature than us. So they usually took the lead in getting us wallflowers off the wall.

Thank you, Martin!

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Martin Elder

Sun 15th Jan 2017 23:17

there are great links between stanza's here Randall as well as fabulous lines. it has a great rhythm and pace to it

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Juan Pablo Lynch

Sun 15th Jan 2017 20:27

It reminds me so much of that movie, The life of a wallflower and that gives it all the more melancholic tone for me.
Great work!


Sun 15th Jan 2017 16:11

I am wondering what inspires you to write your pieces?

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