ME                                            5/2/2012


What happened to who I used to be?

Fun loving, positive and care free.

Always responsible, get the job done.

Now I feel stripped of me, who have I become?

Sometimes a prisoner of the choices I’ve made,

Wanting to break free from all the rules that are laid.

Slowly becoming someone I don’t even know,

remnants of the old me smothered with no room to grow.

Grasping at threads of a past life of hope

Watching the year’s wiz by learning simply to cope.

It seemed like I had an eternity to make my dreams come true

But middle age has crept upon me my remaining dreams are few.

I should feel gratitude for all the blessings in my life

I have my health; I’m a mother and even a wife. 

Instead I’m filled with guilt for the sadness I’m feeling

And yearn for something more so my soul will start healing.

Deep down inside a piece of that old me remains

And yearns for the time to break free from its chains. 



By: Heidi

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Fri 27th Jan 2017 06:24

I wrote this shortly after giving birth to my first child at age 40.

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