My Way

It's been quieter, 

Not lonely, 

Just quieter. 

I can feel the calm. 

Can find myself.

I can sleep soundly,

Thats true. That's ironic.


They're still there, 

When I am angry;

When I am stressed;

When they push me. 

I am still sad. 


Coping, praying, waiting.

Don't get angry. 

Think outside your head,

Awake and dreaming. 



Push me,

Force me,

Break me. 

Medicate me,

Lose me,

Take me. 


I want it my way,

I can beat my demons. 

Chase away my ghosts.

No minute magic miracles, 

Metaphorical armour,

Wrapped around me now. 


Leave me be.

Walk away.

Let me heal alone. 

Learn to cope, 

Take a chance. 

Beat it on my own

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Robert Mann

Thu 15th Jun 2017 15:03

Louise - I know it can feel like a lonely and isolated place when you're suffering, but trying to 'beat it on your own' is near impossible. Accept whatever assistance is available, but don't rely on it for answers. Nice piece.

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