A Question of Faith

since time immemorial we have placed our faith externally,

into the hands of gods, worshipped unquestioningly, sometimes

believing we, and only we, are the chosen ones, 

which has many times pitched us against one another, 

in the name of defending the dictates of a faith, 

using rigid beliefs as weapons, with proud, defiant, 

stiffened backs ever ready to act to repel dissenters.

faith, that enigma of endless variations, with products

peddled forcefully by silver-tongued marketeers,

members of orders who possess the sleight of hand

of magicians who try to bewitch us using fables 

and tales, tall stories from history that, 

nowadays, fewer and fewer of us buy - but why? 

maybe because some, but by no means all, of us

have begun to see the answer lies within ourselves,

that we can develop a simple moral guide to navigate life, 

an uncomplicated compass, one that we can own, 

built on values about sharing; sharing space, 

sharing knowledge, sharing time, sharing love 

and acting for the common good.

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Paul Waring

Tue 31st Jan 2017 09:10

Thanks Juan Pablo, for all your comments about this piece. It's not my usual fare, it's just my take on the concept of faith and how people might be beginning to think differently about it. I thank you for saying this is truly thought provoking because that is what I hoped it would be.

Thanks to you too, Col. Astute comment. Bullseye! 👍


<Deleted User> (13762)

Tue 31st Jan 2017 08:50

Couldn't agree more Paul. I could write more but tbh don't wanna get into this debate so I shall leave you to it 😈

But...Your last verse does kinda sum up my mantra for life and it does beg the question: if one person can live their life this way then why is it not possible for all of humanity to coexist equally without the need for gods? 😇

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Juan Pablo Lynch

Mon 30th Jan 2017 20:54

I appreciate the poem because it opens the discussion

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Juan Pablo Lynch

Mon 30th Jan 2017 20:28

Also many view the Christian faith as a blind faith. But for the first church it wasn't a blind faith, they saw the Christ crucified and resurrected. They were filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues. hey walked in the miraculous. And very important to note is that they found concrete evidence in the Old Testament that supported Jesus' claims for humanity to put their trust/faith in him.
I have in Christ cuz I have encountered him in dreams and visions. He answers my prayers and speaks to me in so many different languages. I am sealed by the Holy Ghost and that's what keeps bringing me back to the faith even when I backslide

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Juan Pablo Lynch

Mon 30th Jan 2017 20:16

Truly thought provoking. There are probably as many faiths out there as there are stars in the sky. Many people are born into a family with an established faith and then they rebel out of that faith and go into another or become atheist (but even atheism is a faith of sorts)...
There are many false teachings and false prophets out there. While there are some that believe everything is relative so there is no such thing as right or wrong.

The last stanza where you say, ' develop a simple moral guide'...I think we are born with a moral law already...from childhood one knows that lying, stealing and hurting others is a no no even without others having to tell us so...Some choose to silence their conscience though after ignoring it's prods to turn in the right direction numerous times.

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