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King of Armaggedon

Apocolyptic prophecies foretold

The revelation is revealed

The horsemen make their descent

The angels break the seals

A cataclysmic lunar event

The blackening of the sun

Arachaic scriptures speak

The final days have begun

Kingdoms are torn apart

The trumpets are blown

Each disaster worsens

The wretched are left alone

Angels are now demons

Meterorites incinerate the land

We cry out to our idols

But they lend us no hands

The people look to the stars

They pray to constellations

Empty dieties with no life

They offer no consolation

Metaphysical corruption and

Cosmic disarray

Foolish humanity

We are witnessing the final day

Judgement reigns supreme

The dead awaken from the ground

For all tremble in fear

When the final trumpets sound

The cleansing is upon us

The era of atonement shall begin

Confessing our transgression

Repenting all of our sins

The hourglass is shattered

There is no more time to spare

Time is a useless entity

We must recite the final prayer

Salvation juxtaposed with damnation

The embers envelope the atmosphere

The seas are filled with blood

For this is the last day of the last year

He who wears the crown rides

With sheer glory and sheer power

He is the gatekeeper

Of the final hour

Many will proclaim to be God

Others will tarnish his reputation

The beast will run rampant

Through the mark of manipulation

Kill or be killed says the false prophet

Sacrifice thyself to the goat

But there is no salvation there

In the flames of torment we die alone

Cryptic is the message

But the truth will not be denied

The dragon shall be slain

And the righteous shall be revived

Collapse thy knees

Look to the sky

For those who reject the truth

Shall be left behind

And on this day of history

Every knee shall bow to the throne

King of Armaggedon come forth

And take those who are your own




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