The Redemption

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Sitting on a park bench, bonding with the pigeons,

 rays of sunshine penetrate the darkness of my understanding.

And in a flash I forgive you.

Not for what you’ve done

But for who you are. The human that is me.

In a nanosecond I feel liberated from the bruises of the past.

Angst turns into compassion

Turmoil mutates into clarity

Suspicion morphs into trust.

I’ve transcended the bitterness,

Overwhelmed by a profound feeling of peace,

of enlightenment.

I feel redeemed.

Then as I look up I can’t contain myself at the sight of two lovers across from me:

“Go on. Do it. Embrace the power of forgiveness!!”

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Raj Ferds

Fri 13th Jan 2017 05:34

Oh I'm so glad the timing has been useful to you Kimberly.

Forgiveness is powerful as hard as it might seem. It's all about 'letting go' in the knowledge that we can live at peace with ourselves and with the other person.

The biggest barrier to forgiving somebody (whether it's our fault or theirs) is the ego. So if you manage your ego you will grow BIG spiritually.

Take care. xx

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Kimberly Ray

Thu 12th Jan 2017 21:38

Love this one! This comes at just the right time when I am struggling to forgive someone else.

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