This one just came to me one day and it just flowed, hope you enjoy.


Now here's a tale about a boy

Who's name was Johny clegg

And here am i, the one who writes

To tell you what he did


It only happened weeks ago

To eveyone's supprise

Why that little Johny clegg

Had to tell that lie


Now everyone knew who he was

And where he did live

So why he had to kick and shout

And tell pc that fib


''It wasn't me, it wasn't me''

Shouted Johny clegg

''It was my friend, Vicky price,

Who had thrown that egg


If only pc pod had known

That Johny cleegg was lying

Then he would know why Vicky price

Was standing there and crying


Was it you? said pc pod

Was it you who threw it?

No not me, said Vicky price

I would never do it


So pc pod scratched his head

And thought, what can i do?

I can't arrest this little girl

Has no one got a clue?


But Johny clegg just stood silent,

Knowing what he had done

Standing silent, thinking, god

That was fun


But to his shock and horror came

The truth to all his crime

Because just across the street from him

Stood old man father chime


He walked across to pc pod

And said, it's Johny clegg

I seen him from the other side

Throwing that there egg


Pc pod turned around

And asked if this was right

Was it you, Johny clegg

Upon this fateful night


Johny turned a colour red

And knew he had to admit

That it was he who threw that egg

Which spun and broke and hit


Pc pod picked him up

And said to Johny clegg

I think it's time to pay the price

For throwing that there egg


You've stood and lied to everyone

And broke old gingers gnome

I think it's time for pc pod

To take you right on home


Johny knew he got off light

And all about the shame

And to this day, he has vowed

Never to play his game. 



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